A French company has found a niche in the market with the first set of white temporary tattoos for brides on their wedding day. We spoke to Marie-Charlotte one of the members of the team behind this idea about this new trend.

Something you might not have thought of for your wedding day...

Something you might not have thought of for your wedding day...

Please can you tell us a little bit about wedding tattoos?

We are a French brand of temporary tattoos created in 2013 by Aymeric Raguet. Our brand name is inspired from the Amerindian tribe « Sioux » who used to paint their body for celebrations.

We work with artists such as painters, graphic designers and illustrators to create original, feminine and elegant creations that women wear directly on their skin.

We use a quality temporary tattoos technic, hypoallergenic, cosmetic inks that are easy to use. Getting tattooed is simple, it only takes a few minutes. Once the ink is placed on the skin, it lasts between 2 and 5 days.

How did the idea come about?

We got the idea about two years ago. The wedding market is less conventional than before. Here in France, boho weddings are regular events. The new «wild&free» brides are looking for new accessories for their wedding day.

Some think that tattoos aren't appropriate with a wedding dress- so why are people more accepting of these?

The wedding tattoos are white, elegant and feminine. Ombeline Brun drew her inspiration from lace. They are like a continuation of the wedding dress.

Do you work on a design for the bride together- what is your process?

We work with Ombeline Brun from moodboards. We defined a wedding universe matching with our brand values: romantic, poetic and ethnic

We drew our inspiration from real brides, we looked a lot on social networks to understand what appeal to brides, what are their needs…

Do you think this trend will continue to grow?

We are actually in a very ethnic, boho long-term trend. I think because of this he trend will continue to grow. People want to feel free to express themselves; a temporary tattoo is a good way without the disadvantages of a permanent one.

How long does a tattoo take on average? Can a bride get it done on her wedding day or is this something they need to have done before?

A temporary tattoo lasts from two days to five days and can be removed easily with an oily liquid. A bride can get her temporary tattoo when she wants- even just before her wedding ceremony if she wants.

What is next for you?

We are going to launch our new spring/summer collection next month :)

We are also working a lot of another project we have just launched: tattoos personalization for events with our new website custom.sioou.com