To dream about a crown suggests that you feel like the most important person in your life or someone else’s right now.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

The dream could be telling you that if you see yourself as the most significant person in your world- this is a positive as your self-esteem is high- however don't let it go to your head and result in selfishness. 

If you feel like you are number one in someone else’s world, this may come as a great comfort and confidence booster to you. 

With that being said, you are not always the priority in every situation, so the dreamscape could be a reminder to you to think outside of yourself. Be sure that they don’t neglect their own needs because of you. 

Perhaps you don’t feel cherished enough by someone close to you and you need to address why they aren’t showing you the affection you crave right now. 

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It’s possible you have been awarded more power in your professional life lately and this prominence is starting to sink in. Did you want the extra responsibility? If not, you may be regretting your recent move. If it was a good fit for you, the dream could be warning you not to abuse your new power and to use it responsibly. 

If someone else was wearing a crown in your life- perhaps this person is starting to become a priority in your world. Consider who was in the dream and this will give greater meaning as to who you are allowing to take precedence in your thoughts. Are they worthy of this accolade or is someone taking advantage of your affection for them?

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