It was all the way back in 1966 when Joni Mitchell first sang, “I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down and still somehow, it's cloud illusions I recall, I really don't know clouds at all...” it was a great song, but it also tapped perfectly into the mystery of clouds, what they represent and what they mean. Clouds create moods and they come in many different forms and shapes. As such they are profoundly symbolic, and it's not a surprise to find that they feature prominently in dreams and in dream interpretation. Here are some explanations for you.

Clouds in Dreams

Clouds in Dreams

Uncertainty is a major element

As pretty as clouds are, they also have the ability to obscure the obvious. We all know that feeling when the sun or the moon are obscured by a bank of clouds. The meaning here is fairly obvious with the standard interpretation suggesting that you are confused or that you are questing for answers or a revelation. If this is the type of dream that you are having don’t be afraid to ask for answers or to seek clarity on situations from others who might have a better perspective – or at least a less obscured perspective.

The promise of possibility

Clouds are also the bringers of rain and of cool. According to the experts at for many they symbolize hope and possibility. That is not to say that good things are going to fall into your lap – you will still have to go out and make them happen, but these kinds of dreams are reminders of the possibilities that are out there and reminders that you should go out and make things happen.

The devil is in the detail

As we have said, clouds come in many shapes and sizes and colours. If you wake up and feel like the clouds in your dream are of significance, then it is important to look at the specifics. Are the clouds fluffy and white? If this is the case, then standard wisdom suggests that your mind is calm and clear and that your emotions are under control. Dark brooding clouds on the other hand have an entirely opposite meaning and suggest that you are not acknowledging your emotions and holding everything inside. They can be an indication that you need to offload and talk to somebody before it all gets too much for you.

 If the clouds are high in the sky, then according to this is an indication of pending good luck or imminent fortune. They are a sign of ambition or portents that a run of bad luck is about to change and that your goals or dreams are about to be realized.