To dream about a contest- an eating, sporting, singing or beauty contest for instance, suggests there is some competitiveness in your waking hours. 

Credit: Utrecht Robin/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images

Credit: Utrecht Robin/ABACA/ABACA/PA Images

Who are you pitching yourself against in your life at present? Is it worth it to progress up the career ladder for instance or are you unnecessarily comparing yourself with a family member, friend, influencer or celebrity?

If it is the latter, perhaps you need to focus more inwardly, rather than trying to be like someone else or beat them in some way. 

Remember in most, if not all cases- you are aspiring to an unrealistic aesthetic and an airbrushed ‘reality’- something you will never be able to achieve. 

If it is for professional gain, are you going about it in the right way? If not, it may be time to earn your way to the top by focusing on the task you are being paid for rather than thinking about your competition as this will only serve as a distraction. 

Are you trying to show off your skills lately? Perhaps you are out to impress someone- but are you taking things too far? 

It may be in your interest to let your knowledge and experience naturally flow rather than forcing the point as this will be much more widely accepted by others.

Perhaps the dream referred to something you wish to contest- a rule, way of thinking or tradition that you want changed because you feel it is unfair or wrong. 

Think about what you don’t agree with your waking hours- is it time to speak up? Or do you need to accept that this is someone else’s opinion that they are perfectly entitled to have? 

If you can’t find some common ground with this person, it may be time to create some distance between you. 

Similarly, if you can’t change the status quo, it may be time to walk away and pick your battles elsewhere. 

The type of contest can offer additional meaning too. For instance- if you were in an eating contest- are you trying to compete with someone in your waking hours as to who can lose the most weight or who can eat the healthiest? 

A singing contest, such as the Eurovision Song Contest, could mean that you are trying to capture someone’s attention- is it working or are you wasting your time?

More literally, the dream could be telling you to see how far you can take your talent if you feel your voice is the key to your future. More simply, if you enjoy singing- can you turn this into a hobby by joining a band or choir? 

A sporting contest might refer to your fitness levels- do you need to be more active? Or do you need to dedicate more time and energy to an physical pursuit if you haven’t been as committed recently?

Finally, a beauty contest implies that you are spending too much time thinking about your looks and should divert your attention elsewhere. There is more to life. 

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The dream could be acting as a reminder to you that your opinion of your abilities and talents is just as important as those around you. Maybe you need to indulge in some self-praise more often rather than waiting for others to give it to you. Know your worth. If you were being given a medal, consider who was passing it to you. Perhaps you felt you were the best at something until this person came along and you think they can do it better. If this is the case, it might be worth seeing this as a positive as you can learn something from them. Maybe you are more experienced and competent than they are at something- in which case don’t be cocky and arrogant- everyone has to start somewhere...

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