The Queen owned over thirty Corgis over her lifetime. She recieved her first on her 18th birthday whom she named Susan.

Lemon and white corgi - Credit: Louis-Paul st-onge Louis / Alamy Stock Photo

Lemon and white corgi - Credit: Louis-Paul st-onge Louis / Alamy Stock Photo

Corgis are herding dogs, so to see one in your dream implies that you are trying to get a lot of people together for something in your waking hours. Perhaps you're organising a get together and it’s easier said than done trying to get everyone in the same place as they all have different responsibilities and commitments. 

The dream could be telling you to go with the flow- if people end up where you need them to be- great- and if not- they are the ones who will ultimately be missing out. If you have brought this task upon yourself, maybe leave it in someone else’s hands next time. 

Corgis are also referred to as ‘heelers’ meaning they nip at the heels of larger animals to herd them more effectively. In dream speak, this could mean that you are following very closely behind someone in your working life. In other words you are almost on a level with them and they should be threatened by your skills and expertise because you know just about as much as they do. In a professional setting they are in a perilous position. 

In a sporting context, you are in a comfortable place to beat your opponent.  

If you saw a Corgi in your dream with your partner, it’s possible you are damaging your relationship by trying to compete with the person who is supposed to be on your team. 

To see a Corgi with someone in your family is along the same vein- try to work together rather than against one another because any accolades are a reflection on the family as a whole as well as the individual. 

To own a Corgi in your dream indicates a need to copy the people you look up to because you think it will give you a glimpse into their world or make them like you more. Always be true to yourself and don’t be motivated by trying to keep up with the Joneses. Owning something the same as the person you envy, will not automatically afford you their life. Better to carve your own path and be authentic in your choices. 

All breeds of Corgi are Welsh, so to see one in your dream implies that you are very respectful of your roots and enjoy celebrating the things that are associated with your place of birth and country. You are protective of it when people dare to criticise and enjoy being able to tell others about your upbringing. 

On the flipside, perhaps you loathe where you are from and resent the fact that the world seems to revolve around your homeplace. Is it time to move on and leave the location that fills you with so much bitterness? Perhaps it’s time for change- you never know- absence might make your heart grow fonder.

In Welsh, the word Corgi translates to ‘dwarf dog’ and so the dream could be telling you that even if you are a small portion of something larger, you are still an integral part of the process or team. 

Similarly, if you feel you are being overlooked for whatever reason, make sure you are noticed just as much as those around you. 

A Corgi’s short legs means they are close to the ground when they walk, so to dream of one could relate to staying grounded in every aspect of your existence. Don’t let anything in life make you forget who you are and where you are from.

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