To dream about a queen suggests you are suddenly in a position of power and responsibility. Perhaps you have just had a promotion at work and are starting to feel the pressure of your new role. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

While your elevation is something to be celebrated, it does come with its downsides too. Do you feel a lack of freedom or that people are judging you since your advancement?

The dream could be telling you that you have taken on too much if you are struggling to stay afloat. Do you need to take a step down or do you simply require time to adjust to the demands of your new rank?

If your female partner was a queen, do you feel inadequate in your relationship, especially if you didn’t have the rank of queen or king alongside her? Perhaps there has been a power shift in your homelife and you are struggling to accept it. Does she earn more money than you or is she the sole wage earner? 

Does your female partner call all the shots? If so, it might be time to discuss this with her if you think there is an imbalance in your relationship. 

A queen is a disparaging word that's often used to describe a gay man, so to see a queen could mean that someone is being disrespectful towards you in your waking hours. If this is the case, do you need to address this with the person responsible or walk away if they simply aren't worth your time?

Consider the phrase ‘drama queen’- are you being dramatic about something that really doesn’t require such a reaction? Think before you act as people dont take too kindly to things being blown out of proportion unnecessarily. 

Along the same vein, ‘queen bee’ could relate to your feelings of being the most important person- the dream could be telling you to focus less on yourself anf more on others because you aren’t the centre of everyone's universe. 

To see a beauty queen in your dream means you place too much importance on looks and would benefit from taking other things into consideration when meeting new people. There is so much more to life than how things and people appear. The sooner you learn this the better. 

An 'ice queen' is synonymous with someone in your life is who is cold or heartless towards you. Why do they act this way? Is it in your interest to find out or would you feel better if you just walked away?

On the other hand, perhaps you are the one who is giving someone the cold shoulder. If so, why? Imagine how they feel when you do this- would it be kinder to tell them why you have got off on the wrong foot to try an make amends? 

To ‘queen up’ is an expression used when someone is getting ready to perform as a drag queen. To see this in your dream could mean you want to adopt a new image or show people the true you. If you aren't happy with the way you are now- is it time to unveil to the world who you really are?

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