To dream of a daisy usually pertains to innocence and purity. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Perhaps you are a little naive in something in your waking hours but given some more time, you will be able to act with experience, judgement and wisdom. Don’t put yourself down- everyone had to start at the same point you are at now. 

Maybe you are afraid that something is going to be spoiled in your life- whatever the dream is referring to is fresh and uncontaminated and you know deep down that it can’t remain like this forever. Life will inevitably taint it. 

Does something need to be stripped back to its purest form? If you are able to- it might be worth returning to a clean state in some area of your life to rebuild something more appealing in its place. 

According to Celtic legend, God sprinkled daisies over the ground every time an infant died to cheer up the parents. With this in mind, perhaps you have recently lost something or someone and you are grieving the void that they or it has left behind in your life. 

Consider the phrase, ‘as fresh as a daisy’- are you geared up towards something in your waking hours? It's likely you are in the best possible position to start something because you have prepared well for it. 

Along the same vein, contemplate the phrase ‘upsy daisy'- which is uttered when a minor mistake is made. Perhaps you have blown an error out of proportion and the dream is telling you to own up to it and then move on. There is no need to dramatise the event- it’s over and done with now and wasn’t very impactful at the time anyway. 

The daisy is Freya’s sacred flower in Norse mythology- the goddess of love, fertility and beauty, so to dream of one could refer to a new beginning in your world. Have you started a new job, moved somewhere different or begun a new relationship lately?

Or are you planning a family? Maybe you are already pregnant and imagining how life will be with your son or daughter. 

It's possible the dream is trying to help you see the beauty in something that’s not so obvious at first glance- a job that seems impossible, a relationship that is extremely trying or a project that appears too vast to even contemplate. Look for the potential to keep you motivated. 

Daisies are composite flowers meaning they are two flowers combined as one- so to see one in your dream could refer to your romantic life as they are thought to represent true love.  Does this area of your world need some attention or is the dream telling you not to take it for granted if you have become complacent around your partner?

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