Ahead of the game between women’s football teams Barcelona and Sevilla today, we asked the question- what does it mean to dream about a football pitch? Here are our thoughts…

lolostock / Alamy Stock Photo

lolostock / Alamy Stock Photo

To see a manicured football pitch in your dreamscape implies that everything is in order in your world and you are ready for anything. Appearances matter and anyone looking at you will only see the pristine version you want them too. Why do you worry about people noticing the small imperfections? Who are you keeping up this pretence for?

On the other hand if the grass was overgrown, you have lost control in some part of your world and need to get it back again. People have not only started to notice but it’s actively affecting your performance. Even if you tackle this issue little by little, it needs your attention because without careful maintenance, it won’t go away- in fact it will just continue to get worse. 

To see players on the pitch implies that you have created a good foundation for others to work on. This could be in a professional sense or at home. On the flipside, if players were struggling to kick the football around because the grass was too long or there were objects on the ground, you have not played your part in setting things up for everyone else. It’s time you pulled your weight. 

Consider who was on the pitch for additional meaning and what they were doing. If there was someone you know spilling something onto the grass or digging it up, this could be the very person who is trying to stop you from progressing and actively trying to make life difficult for you. If the seats surrounding the pitch were full of people, you can guarantee that this person enjoys making you look bad in front of others. They get a kick from it. It’s time to walk away as they are not good to be around.

Alternatively, if you were sabotaging the pitch, then you may be standing in the way of your own successes. 

To see an empty pitch, suggests that you need to clear some space in your own life. It's become a little crowded lately with people, things or tasks and you need some time out. Try to declutter your world of things that are no longer serving you and see how you feel afterwards.

More players than necessary on the pitch could mean that there are too many people involved in something in your waking hours and rather than helping,it’s actually scuppering the process. Try to be more selective about who you choose to assist you- even with the best of intentions, sometimes certain individuals are more of a burden than a help. 

If you were lying on your back on a pitch, perhaps you need to look at life differently. You have been seeing something or someone from the same point of view for a while and it may be time for a new perspective.

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