Ahead of the 2022 Women's FA Cup Final on 15th May 2022, at Wembley Stadium, we thought it prudent to find out what it means to dream about this huge sporting event. We have no doubt that many super fans may have already been dreaming about it in preparation and excitement.  

Women's FA Cup Final 2017 Telephoto Images / Alamy Stock Photo

Women's FA Cup Final 2017 Telephoto Images / Alamy Stock Photo

To see the FA cup final in your dreamscape implies that you are coming to the end of something in your waking hours, but you still have a major event to face first. 

Perhaps you have a big presentation at work to sew together all the threads of an ongoing project, maybe you are about to get married after months of planning or it’s possible you have been chipping away at a passion project and you have one last hurdle to overcome before you are done. Only you know what this climax is but, whatever it looks like, you have invested a lot of yourself in it already. Remember not to take your foot off the pedal, as this next part is just as important as the last few months- if not more. 

If you were watching the FA Cup final at the stadium, you might be someone who likes to witness things in the moment before making a judgement about them. Gleaning scraps of information through other people or watching events unfold from a distance is just not how you operate and you like to make informed decisions based on what you see, not what you hear second hand. 

Furthermore, if you were playing on the pitch at the stadium you like to throw yourself into situations and get your hands dirty- you don’t expect people to do things you wouldn’t do yourself. If this doesn’t sound like you- perhaps the dream is urging you to pull up your sleeves and set an example- especially if you are in a position of authority. 

On the flipside, if you were watching the FA Cup Final on the TV, it’s possible you are saddened by not being able to take part in something you care a lot about. Has someone prevented you from attending an event or have you had to prioritise something or someone else over what you really wanted to do? 

To win or see the FA Cup in your dream could mean that you are driven by physical objects to demonstrate your success- trophies, certificates and titles mean a lot to you- but it begs the question- are they necessary if you are already qualified to do the job? Why do you feel the need to put them on display? Who are you trying to seek this validation from? 

To sit in the FA Cup stadium with all of the other fans implies that something you are involved in is far bigger than you could have ever imagined. You are an integral cog in this machine and you are proud and humbled as a result but there are many others who form part of the process as well. Do you feel comforted when you are surrounded by other like minded people? 

Finally, the simplest interpretation of the FA Cup Final is that you are a huge football fan and are excited to watch the game, especially if you follow either of the teams taking part. If this is filtering through in your dreamscape, it suggests you are thinking about it a lot in your waking hours. 

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