To dream about a fork depends on whether you are talking about the utensil or a fork in the road. We will take each one in turn. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

To dream of the utensil suggests that you are being tricked by someone in your waking hours. The devil’s fork has three prongs so perhaps someone is trying to make your life a living hell right now. Consider who was holding the fork for additional meaning. It’s possible you need to walk away from this person as trying to fight them could be impossible.

If you were being stabbed with a fork- act with caution- someone is trying to use something seemingly harmless to trip you up or worse- harm you. Be careful who you trust. 

Eating food with a fork could mean that you are malnourished. Perhaps your diet needs an overhaul because you're feeding your body with things it doesn't need and depriving it of the sustenance it craves. 

To see a fork in the road is synonymous with decision making. You need to make a choice and it’s not an easy one as both paths seem very similar. It might be wise to seek the advice of someone you trust to help you decide if it’s too overwhelming to make on your own. 

A fork without a knife or spoon in your dream could pertain to feelings of something being missing in your world. Have you recently lost someone you cared a lot about or do you feel half of a whole and yearn for a partner, parental figure, friend or child to fill the void?

Perhaps you don’t have the support of the whole team at work or backing from people at home when you feel you should. Rest assured, you can make progress without them but it will be much slower than if they were on board. 

If the fork was dirty, your relationship might be in trouble and onlookers are interested in its downfall. Be careful who you confide in with your partnership woes- if at all possible, keep them behind closed doors. 

Along the same vein, if you were cleaning a dirty fork, perhaps you are already on the way to romantic bliss because you are putting in the work to improve your home life. 

A plastic fork in your dreamscape suggests you have the tools and the resources (items or people) to do the job but they are not as reliable as they should be. You have attempted to do something half-heartedly and you will probably pay for this down the line. If possible- try to invest in something or someone more sustainable in the future and take this as a lesson learned. 

On the other hand, a solid silver fork is related to longevity. Whatever this dream refers to will last because it’s robust. If the fork was tarnished, or had minor imperfections, you have little to worry about. These can all be rectified later with minimal effort. The important thing is that you have something strong and durable to build upon.

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