If a friend, family member or colleague was giving you a high five in your dream, you are looking for some sort of validation or acknowledgement from them in your waking hours. 

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Cultura Creative RF / Alamy Stock Photo

Ask yourself why- is it appropriate to want their approval or are you trying to gain it for the wrong reasons?

If you were giving someone a high five, the dream could be telling you to praise in person. If this person has been making a positive impact, don’t let it go unsaid, offer them your words of encouragement for a job well done. 

High fives are often exchanged during sporting matches when a goal, throw, catch etc. is done well. To see a high five in this context could mean you need to be more active. Perhaps you have led a sedentary life lately and need to get up and move your body more. Would you benefit from finding a sport that you are passionate about to help with your activity levels?

Along the same vein, seeing high fives at a sporting event is indicative of working together. Do you see yourself as part of an effective team at home or at work? If not, what can you do to make things flow more effortlessly?

To high five someone in a dream could mean that you are in sync with one another- if you both raised your hands and slapped them together at the same time you might have found someone who is on your wavelength. If this is the case, hold on tight to them because they will see the world the way you do and you will always have an ally.

On the flipside, if your palms didn't come into contact with one another, this could be a sign that you are struggling to see this person’s point of view or find a common working pattern, even if you are keen to. Perhaps you just need to try harder to work together- the attempt at a high five shows you are both willing to make it a success, even if it’s not currently- so persevere and you will get there eventually. 

When you hold up a hand to offer someone a high five and they make no attempt to lift theirs, in dream speak, this suggests that they don’t want to celebrate your joint successes with you. They aren’t invested in whatever it is you have together whether this be a relationship or working partnership. It may be time to distance yourself from this person and seek out someone who shares the same enthusiasm as you for the things you deem to matter. 

If the person you were high fiving held onto your hand afterwards this means they are overly enthusiastic about your pairing and you may need to ask them to back off a little. Showing a healthy interest is one thing, but if they are taking too firm a grasp of the situation and it’s making you and others uncomfortable- something needs to be said.

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