To dream about respect is dependent on whether you are showing respect to someone in your dream or whether they are demonstrating respect towards you. 

agefotostock / Alamy Stock Photo

agefotostock / Alamy Stock Photo

It also important to note who was with you in the dream for additional meaning.

If you were showing respect to an older person, you value the wisdom and experience of people in your life who exceed you in years. The dream might be telling you to draw as much knowledge and information from them as you can as they might be able to help you in whatever you are doing in your waking hours. 

When someone shows you respect in your dream, it’s possible they value you, however be mindful that sometimes people will feign respect to get what they want from you. Be careful who you trust and if you sense that someone is not being genuine in their respect for you, it’s probably motivated by personal gain. 

If strangers show you respect in your dream, it’s likely that you have influenced the lives of people you have never met with your preferred medium whether that be through writing or video content. If those closest to you are not showing you the respect you think you deserve, that’s ok because you are affecting someone else’s life even if you have never met them. Don’t give up even when you can’t see the results close to home. 

People showing respect at work is a positive sign that you have a good support network around you in your professional life- make the most of this as not everyone can say the same and treat those who offer it to you with the same admiration. 

If you were being respectful towards someone else, you clearly think a lot about this person in your life right now, but do they deserve it? Perhaps your feelings towards this person aren’t genuine- do you think you have to respect them because everyone else does? The dream is a reminder to you that respect needs to be earned and doesn’t come instantly. 

The dream might be a chance for you to examine what it is you respect in those who featured within it. Think about the abilities, qualities and achievements that you admire about those who appeared in your dreamscape- can you replicate these yourself? If you want the same recognition, it may be wise to follow in their footsteps and use their life/lives as an example.

To demonstrate a total lack of respect for someone in your dream means you don’t rate the person much in your waking hours. If this is the case, perhaps you need to walk away from this relationship- without respect, the foundation is not strong enough to build on and will always be unstable.

To give or receive respect in a dream might simply mean that you need to recognise and acknowledge someone else’s take or morals, even if you don’t agree with them. You can still respect someone even if you don’t respect their viewpoint about a singular thing. It’s when none of your thoughts and feelings align that the cracks will occur. 

Along the same vein, do you need to agree to disagree with someone who doesn’t see your side of things on a particular topic? They will have more respect for you if you do this than if you try to force your opinions onto them when they clearly aren’t going to change their mind. 

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