To dream about a deep pocket suggests that you are in a comfortable financial position at present. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Are you investing your money wisely? If not and you have a lot, the dream could be telling you to get some advice so you are making the most of what you have saved up. 

On the other hand, if you are struggling to make ends meet right now, you may have dreamed about having deep pockets because you yearn to have more money. What can you do to turn your fortune around? Spend less? Get another job? Downsize? 

If money was burning a hole in your pocket, do you spend your income as soon as it hits your account? If so, it may be wise to set yourself a budget or get some advice from a professional to help you curb your desire to spend. Consider what you are spending your money on- are these items truly necessary? 

If you were lining your pockets with money or something else, have you been making an income from dishonest or illegal methods lately? If so, it might be time to come clean or at least put an end to this way of earning cash. 

To put something pocket sized into your pocket implies a need to reduce something down to suit. Perhaps your ideas or methods are too big and you need to adjust something to fit rather than trying to push for an outcome that is unachievable. 

If your pockets were full and you struggled to move, you may be carrying around some excess baggage that is inhibiting your daily life. What can you let go of to feel lighter and freer? 

Consider what the items were that you removed from your pockets as they might provide extra significance. For instance, if all the items were rubbish, perhaps what you are burdened with is of little consequence and should be easy to purge. 

On the other hand, if the items were linked to another person or had tremendous value, you may need to give some more thought to what they mean.  

To put on trousers that had no pockets could mirror feelings of being unprepared for something in your waking hours, especially if you always use the pockets in your clothing. What is missing from your world that you need to replace or get back?

If you paid for something out of your own pocket, you are independent or strive to be. If you are reliant on someone else and don’t want to be- what can you do to try and go it alone?

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Perhaps they don’t reflect the real you and you yearn to express your true style more but feel you can’t for whatever reason. If you must wear a uniform at work for example- you may feel it defines who you are when you want to be something different. If you were helping someone else to get undressed- perhaps you are attracted to this person and want to be physical with them. Is it time you told them how you feel? Or does it represent a forbidden love? If so- do you need to try and divert your attention elsewhere? On the other hand, if you were zipping up a jacket on someone you aren’t attracted to- it could mean that you want to care for them, protect them and keep them warm and safe. Why do you feel this instinct for this person? If a person was zipping you up in your dreamscape, do you want to feel this protection, warmth and safety from someone else? It may be from the very person who was pulling the zipper...

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