Consider the phrases ‘bag some rays’, ‘catch some rays’, ‘get some rays’ or ‘grab some rays’- perhaps you dreamed about rays because you need to spend more time outdoors and soak up some sunshine. 

Sun rays - Image courtesy of Unsplash

Sun rays - Image courtesy of Unsplash

Organise a picnic, go for a walk, plant some flowers, read in the park or visit an outdoor attraction- whatever you do, make sure you get some rays on your skin- just remember to use protection when you do.  

If you have been cooped up indoors for a while now, do your body and your mind a favour and cross the threshold of your home.

We need rays of sunshine to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels, improve sleep and reduce blood pressure, so to dream of them suggests your body is craving something. This could be a stint outdoors but it might refer to something else such as exercise, food, support, personal space, protection or love. Only you know what you feel you really need right now- so identify what it is and go out and get it. 

Another phrase- ‘ray of sunshine’ pertains to someone who brings happiness into your world- so try to remember who was in the dream with you for additional meaning. This could be the very person who fills your heart with joy and you should treasure your relationship with them. Don’t ever take them for granted. 

On the other hand, perhaps you have just lost the person you depended on to keep you cheerful and you are navigating a new life where you have to make your own merriment. While it may feel like a struggle to go it alone- it’s vital that you are joyful when you are by yourself and don’t rely on others to make you this way. You are learning a valuable lesson.  

To see a ray indicates a ‘ray of hope’ or something that has promise in your world. Try to think of other clues in your dreamscape that could tell you what this refers to. A person could be your key to success or a means of getting out of a rut, an item might represent something you need to introduce into your routine to make you feel more content. 

What was the ray of light highlighting? Again, this could be your dream telling you to focus on something specific to feel more satisfied with your lot.

More negatively, if the ray of light scorched your skin, perhaps you aren’t taking care of yourself when you head outdoors. This could be as simple as putting on some sunscreen, however it might be a warning to you to look after yourself in other ways when you leave your home- especially if you are going out alone. Safety comes first so be sure you have everything in place before you head out to make sure your errands and meetings are risk free. 

Finally, to see rays in the water means danger is afoot. You can circle around it and observe it from a distance, but don’t get involved or you will get stung. 

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