Dreaming about the month of May could mean that you are looking forward to some well needed time off.

May on Female First

May on Female First

As there are two bank holidays in this month- you might associate this with month with being away from work.

The dream could be telling you that you need some rest or that you might benefit from booking a day or two off to recuperate.

The May bank holidays are generally linked with fun things like barbecues, family days out, late nights, good food and drink. It’s possible the dream is literal, and you are looking forward to the long weekends or perhaps you have some more time off booked in this month that you are feeling impatient for.

On the flipside, perhaps you are inwardly dreaming this month because you are dreading it. If you have something big coming up in May such as an interview, a presentation, an exam or negotiation- to name a few- then the beginning of May might be riddled with worry and angst for you. You dream could simply reflect your concerns about something not going to plan.

Along the same vein- you might be anxious to have the extra days off if you are expected to spend more time with people you don’t want to.

Perhaps your close relationships are strained right now and the bank holiday means that you have to face up to the things that are going wrong and try to resolve any issues you have.

Dreaming about the month of May might be a pun for something that may or may not be happening. There could be uncertainty in your life at present and it’s filtering through into your dreamscape because the thought of not knowing is very unsettling for you.

The birthstone of May is the emerald which denotes love and success so it could be that your relationship is flourishing at the moment and you are experiencing much success in your personal and professional life.

On the other hand, you may crave for more success in your life if you feel you aren’t achieving everything you want to.

It’s possible you also yearn for love and that is why you saw the month of May in your dream. Are you lonely and ready for a relationship?

May is a word used to ask for permission- do you feel that you need someone’s blessing to do something in your waking hours? Do you genuinely need their say so, or is it an excuse you are giving yourself for not moving forward?

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Perhaps you are focusing on your own needs at present and the dream is telling you to look more outwardly and spend more time and effort on the people who matter to you the most. You may think you deserve to have a ‘fair-weather’ time in your life- in other words- you want this time in your waking life to be stress free and easy. You might feel you don’t have room in your life for anything other than positive and good experiences and feelings. Perhaps you feel that you no longer have to put up with anything negative in your life- bad relationships, issues or conflicts to name a few. You may be at a time in your life where you know you can do something- anything- other than burdening yourself with other people’s problems...

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