To dream about a sculpture represents something or someone that is beautiful in your life at present. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Perhaps you never appreciated how captivating it or the person was until recently. What has made you see it or them in a new light?

Or maybe it has/they have always been something you have admired but now someone else does too. Are you suddenly in competition with them?

If you saw an ice sculpture, you may be sad that something beautiful in your life won’t be around forever. 

You have to learn to let it go. Try to be thankful that it was in your life at all rather than focusing on losing it. While it is sad, it was a blessing that it touched your life at all. 

If the ice sculpture was already melting, perhaps you feel you are losing someone or something already. 

It may be happening very fast but you will have to keep up with the speed as you have no control over how quickly it is leaving you. Make the most of every moment as they are all precious. 

Try to remember what the sculpture was of for extra significance. For instance, a sculpture of a couple might refer to your relationship, a sculpture of a child might be linked to your past or a sculpture of an animal might refer to your basic instincts.

Can the sculpture be linked to anything that is significant in your world right now? 

If you were making a sculpture in your dreamscape, it’s possible you need to do something with your hands in your waking hours. 

Perhaps you used to have a hobby that required a creative mind and a careful hand- the dream might be telling you to revisit it, especially if you miss it.

If you try a new skill, you may come to find that you have a natural talent for creating something beautiful with your hands. 

If you found a sculpture to be grotesque in your dream, yet everyone else around you liked it- do you need to go against the grain in something in your waking hours? 

Perhaps the dream is encouraging you to be the change- to be the one who is different and not to go along with whatever everyone else does or thinks. Sculpt your own path- it is the only one worth walking down.

Consider what material you were sculpting with- if it was clay- something in your life may have an element of flexibility. While you should be confident in your efforts, there is room for error. 

On the other hand, if you were sculpting out of wood, metal or stone, the decisions you are about to make are final and need some serious thought. 

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If this is your truth, do you need to invest more in this thing or person if you’ve been distracted of late? If it/they mean this much to you- it may be wise to stop other things getting in the way. Similarly, whatever you were admiring might be something you want to showcase but aren’t at present. Do you want others to know something about you that they don’t already? Perhaps the dream is giving you the nudge you need to put your work out there and be brave enough to unleash your creativity on the world. On the flipside, if you were covering up some art with a sheet in your dream, you may not be proud of your latest work. Is it best to put it away and forget about it, or is there something you can do to improve upon it?..

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