To dream about an army suggests you are gearing up for a fight with someone in your waking hours. Perhaps you are gathering the support you need before this confirmation commences. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Is this all necessary? Or would a simpler approach be more fitting? It’s possible you are going overboard and a one on one conversation would get the job done. 

An army can also refer to a large number of things so perhaps you are trying to gather as much of something as you can to prepare for the future. Are you amassing some supplies at home in case you find yourself unable to source the things you need? Are you collecting something in the hope it will bring you money in the future? 

If you are struggling to find another solution to a problem, this could be why you dreamed of an army- you are having to take things to the next level. While this is not your preferred method, you have no other choice. 

If you were joining the army in your dream- you have the self discipline to do anything you want to. Once you put your mind to something- your focus is unwavering. You will achieve your goals in life. 

Furthermore, if you were signing up to the army, you may be ready for a change in career. Even if it is far removed from what you are doing now- it may be worth exploring if it will bring you more fulfilment. 

On the other hand, perhaps the dream is telling you to be more lenient. If you are inflexible with yourself- and those around you, it may be time to bend a little or you could be missing out. 

Do you need more control in your life? If things have gotten out of hand lately, some organisation is required- perhaps not with the same rigidity as a soldier in the army, but some restraint is certainly needed here. 

To see an army in your dreamscape is associated with inner conflicts, so if you’re struggling to make sense of things, do you need some professional help to get there?

To serve in the army means time away from loved ones so to dream of one could mean you are missing someone you care for greatly. Or perhaps you are feeling lonely right now. It may be time to reconnect with family, friends or a partner if you have grown apart lately. 

An army is a force equipped for fighting, so are you someone who is always up for a fight? If this sounds like you, your attitude may be driving people away in your personal and professional life so try not to see everything as a struggle or a contest. Not everyone is out to oppose you so let your defences down.

If someone you knew was in the army- it’s likely you are fighting on their behalf for something. Are they worth it or are they using you when they are perfectly capable of fighting their battles on their own? To dream could be a warning to you not to get dragged into other people’s conflicts if you can avoid it.

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