To dream about cobbles or a cobblestone road suggests that you have a good foundation. 

PjrTravel / Alamy Stock Photo

PjrTravel / Alamy Stock Photo

There is stability and security in your world and you rely on this to make you feel safe and at ease. 

You are on a path for life and have strong relationships with the people in it even with the inevitable pressures and stresses that will come your way. 

To see a damaged cobbled road implies that something or someone threatens to shake up this equilibrium. Be mindful around those you don’t know too well and careful when something new comes your way. These things or people may not be as beneficial or genuine as they first appear.  

Cobbles by nature are uneven, so if you were driving over them or were in a horse drawn cart- this represents the bumps in the road- the smaller grievances that you are experiencing right now or will in the near future. 

Whatever you are struggling with lately- these niggles will go away. Expect new ones to come along- but rest assured- none of them will do any permanent damage. Life is full of little ups and downs so you need to be prepared for and accepting of these. 

If you moved from the road to the path on foot or entered a shop, maybe you are taking some time out from your problems- or perhaps you need to. 

If these issues are mounting up and getting you down- it may be wise to rest or reevaluate your options. 

Cobbles are associated with old fashioned roads, so the dream might be telling you to draw on something from your younger years. Consider what or who else was in the dream with you for additional meaning. 

If you saw a person- such as a partner, friend or a family member- do you need to revisit something from your joint past to better serve one another now? 

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On the other hand, if you saw an object that meant something to you- this could be your clue to make sense of something in the present.

Along the same vein- are you holding onto old fashioned views about the world? It may be wise to try and adopt a more modern standpoint, especially if it’s hurting those around you. 

Cobbles are rounded stones, so maybe, the dream is about you developing yourself in all aspects of something rather than just one part. Perhaps you currently specialise in something in your work or your hobby and you want to be able to expand your skill-set to other areas of this field. 

If so, is there any training available to you or courses you could look into doing to make you feel more of an expert within the entire spectrum of a subject or role?

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