To dream about garlic suggests your life lacks flavour. 

Alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Alliance / Alamy Stock Photo

Perhaps things have been a little bland in your world lately and you need to make a bigger effort to brighten things up once more. 

Could you make some plans with those you enjoy spending time with so you have something to look forward to? Join a new class or group? Take up a new hobby if you prefer solitary activities? 

Whatever it is that you feel is missing- it may be time to seek it out and make it happen. 

Garlic is often portrayed in movies and books as a repellent for vampires- so perhaps you are trying to drive someone away in your waking hours. 

Consider who was with you in the dream as this could be the very person you are attempting to force out of your life.

If you were standing in front of someone in your dream with garlic in hand, it’s possible you are trying to protect someone in your life right now. 

Do they need you to shield them or is the dream telling you that they are ready to look after themselves?  

Also, think about how you felt in the dream- if you were scared- perhaps this is the reason you want to create some distance between you and the person you were using the garlic against. 

Are you frightened about something that will never happen or is your imagination working overtime because of something you have seen or heard? 

Perhaps you have been listening to too many fictional stories and it has made a lasting impression on you. Try to remind yourself that these characters and events aren’t real and think about other things to distract you. 

If you were confident in the power or influence that the garlic had in your dreamscape, maybe you are placing too much reliance on a method that may or may not have any effect. 

Try not to get too complacent and hang all your hopes on this one thing. 

Garlic is also thought by some to have properties within it to cure certain types of sickness. 

If you are feeling unwell or have recently been diagnosed with something, perhaps you are looking for a way to heal yourself and the garlic represents your efforts to restore your health. 

Garlic has a strong odour and a distinctive taste- one that consumers either love or hate. 

Depending on your preference- eating it in the dream could imply that someone is coming on too strongly. 

On the flipside, do you feel someone is acting too subtle in their approach and would benefit from being a bit more forthcoming? 

Try to remember who was dining with you for extra significance.

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