To dream about kissing someone for the first time could simply reflect your own nervousness about sharing your first kiss with someone. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

However, it could also relate to doing something you never have before. What is new to you right now?

To see other people kissing in a dream means you are too preoccupied with the romantic lives of other people and the gossip that goes with them- you should start focusing on your own world- you will feel a huge difference if you do.

If you were kissing parts of your own body or a mirror, it’s possible you are finally accepting yourself for who you are. Or is that something you need to work on and aspire to?

If you were about to kiss another and you woke up before your lips met, you are probably unsure about how this person feels about you. You are keen to find out- so perhaps you need to just ask them so you’re not left wondering anymore. 

Kissing also implies a need for more romance in your waking hours. Has your relationship become a little stale lately? Perhaps you need to make more of an effort to show just how much your partner means to you. They may be feeling unloved at present and a romantic gesture could go a long way. 

To kiss an ex in your dream could relate to unresolved feelings for this person or being stuck in the past. The dream could be telling you to move on and to close the door on this part of your life. 

If you were kissing a stranger in your dream there is a part of yourself that you are unfamiliar with and it’s time to explore it- perhaps with some professional help. If you lack an understanding of your own behaviour and motivations you have little chance of getting to grips with those of other people. 

Kissing a celebrity means you are ambitious in life and will get to where you want to be because you are so driven. While this is an admirable quality, be sure not to let it ruin your relationships in the process. 

To see yourself kissing the partner of someone you know is linked to feelings of jealousy. Perhaps their relationship is one you look up to or envy- if this is the case, what elements can you take from their example to improve your own circumstances?

Consider where the kiss was on the body- a kiss on the hand or feet shows that this person respects you. A kiss on the cheek is related to friendship or courtesy and on the neck is synonymous with passion. Try to remember who was doing the kissing for greater clarity. Similarly, if you were the one going in for the kiss- what is it you seek from the recipient?

If your worst enemy or someone you dislike was kissing you, be wary, as they might betray you in the near future. It’s possible they already have and you are currently picking up the pieces. 

When someone kisses you on the bottom in your dream, it’s likely they want something from you and are trying to manipulate you. Alternatively, if you were the one kissing someone’s behind- you want something from them. Is this the right way to go about it?

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