To dream about luck suggests you’re had a successful streak in your waking hours and you are grateful for it.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Perhaps you have come into some money, had a promotion at work, the papers for your new home have been finalised or you have met the one. Whatever is going on in your world, you are feeling lucky to be alive. 

With that said, if things haven’t gone your way lately and you are ‘down on your luck’, you may be craving some good fortune which is why it cropped up in your dream

Consider the phrase ‘beginner’s luck’- it’s possible you have begun something in your life recently that you have taken to very well. This could be a new skill, hobby or role- but whatever it is- you are a natural at it. The dream could be telling you not to get too complacent as you may stumble across some hurdles along the way- even if you are predisposed to whatever the task is. Even those with a gift for something aren’t perfect at it all the time. 

Perhaps you are 'pushing your luck' in some area of your life right now. If you’ve gotten away with something this far, it’s not guaranteed that you will continue to do so, should you persist. It might be wise to stop while you’re ahead rather than regretting its continuation. 

To see a lucky charm such as a four leaf clover, horseshoe, locket or a key in your dream might be a warning to you not to put all your hopes on one thing. Perhaps you should consider relying on multiple sources to bring good fortune your way so you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

On the other hand, if you have such a trinket in your own life- the lucky charm could be synonymous with the person who gave it to you. Even if you experience some bad luck, they will always be with you whatever happens- always remember this fact, even when bad luck befalls you. 

Luck in your dreamscape might also refer to wishing someone the best for something they are about to embark on like exams or a new chapter in their life. Have you wished them well? If not, this could be a nudge to do so. 

Maybe others have been wishing you good luck lately because you are about to do something important such as get married or do your driving test. The dream could just be a result of others giving you their best before the big day. Accept these graciously even if it won’t change the outcome.  

Perhaps you are jealous of someone in your life who seems to have perpetual luck, if so, do you need to focus less on theirs and more on making your own luck? Try to remember who else was in the dream with you for additional meaning. 

Contemplate another phrase ‘more by luck than judgement’- does someone else think you have a special skill or knowledge in an area that you don’t? Perhaps they assumed you were good at something because you were lucky in the moment- but it may be time to tell them the truth.

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