If you see a penny in your dream, you may be worried about poverty or financial loss. Perhaps you have made a bad investment lately or have no money to fall back on if difficult times were to arise.

Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

Tetra Images, LLC / Alamy Stock Photo

If the penny was shiny, however, then your luck could be on the rise.

Think about the phrase, ‘a penny saved is a penny earned’- it’s possible you need to save money, if you have a habit of frittering away everything you earn. It may not seem much by itself, but over time, it’s worth it.

If you found a penny in your dream, then you may have recently discovered a hidden gift and are ready to explore this more. Perhaps you have great potential and you need to unleash it- you may have the talents, energy and perseverance- you just need to make a start.

When picking a penny up in a dream could be telling you that you find value in things other people consider worthless or would pass by because you can see that small things add up to bigger ones. The difference is- you have the patience to watch it grow.  

If you picked up the penny and then passed it onto someone else, you may not see the true value in things and you are being unnecessarily wasteful. On the other hand, perhaps you feel the recipient needs some luck in their life right now. 

Pennies can also represent thriftiness- even more so if you were counting them up in your dream. Is it time that you spent more of your hard-earned cash rather than squirreling it all away? Could you still enjoy yourself while having money set aside?

If you were throwing a penny into a well or fountain in your dreamscape, you may be expecting some good news or hoping that something good will come your way.

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