If you dream about packing up your personal effects- you may be preparing for some change in the near future.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Image courtesy of Unsplash

You are equipped for this change and you know it’s coming, so the packing is symbolic of the preparations you are putting in place in readiness for this new chapter.

It’s possible you have opted for a new focus on the future and are trying to put things behind you, which might include relationships that have ended, issues that have been around for a while or even a period in your life you are ready to move away from.

On the other side of the coin, packing could mean that you have something you are embarrassed about or a failure that you’d rather forget and are trying to distance yourself from these associations and memories.

Another interpretation is a feeling of a lack of support from your loved ones or the abandonment of an idea.

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If you packed your things up and then unpacked them again- you may be experiencing some uncertainly in your waking hours. You don’t know which way to go because you don’t know what your next move should be or where you stand with someone.

Perhaps you don’t know if an era in your life is definitely over. Or maybe you’ve made a decision, that was quickly overturned by someone else. What can you do to get some clarity on this?

If you were packing a suitcase with unnecessary items- this could represent the extra baggage you are carrying around with you. You are weighed down and you don’t need to be. What can you let go of to make life feel lighter again?

Consider what it was that you were packing as the items may represent an event you are looking forward to- a trip perhaps. Or maybe you are about to explore something you’ve never explored before and you are looking forward to what is to come.

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