To dream about a sneeze suggests that you are very sensitive to someone or about something in your waking hours. 

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If the sneeze took you by surprise perhaps something has come along in your life that you weren’t anticipating, you may even be embarrassed by this ususpected event or presence. Consider how you felt after the sneeze for additional meaning. 

A sneeze could be a sign that you are under the weather at present and need to take better care of yourself. Perhaps you are showing some signs of being ill and you would benefit from getting checked out by a professional to put your mind at ease. 

A sneeze is the result of irritation in the nostrils, so who or what has annoyed you lately? Try to remember who was with you for greater clarity. 

If you felt a sneeze coming, perhaps you need to ready yourself for something that is highly likely to happen. If you are underprepared, it's possible there is only a small window of opportunity for you to get the resources you need. Act quickly. 

To accidentally sneeze around others- only to have them back away from you suggests you do something (unknowingly) that repels people in your day to day life. Try to find out what it is first. 

Do you need to change this habit or trait or do you need to spend time with a different crowd of people? Perhaps you are simply misunderstood in your current circle. 

To dream of sneezing because you were close to an animal implies that you need to address your basic instincts as you are not paying enough attention to these in your life right now. 

To sneeze as a result of pollen could mean that you are rejecting or abandoning nature and need to spend more time in the outdoors. You know it will do you some good- so what is holding you back?

Sneezing because there was pepper in your dream is linked to what you put in your body to fuel it. Are you reacting badly to the food you are eating? If so, it may be wise to take a closer look at your diet. 

To sneeze loudly in a dream suggests that you are drawing attention to yourself unnecessarily. Perhaps you want people to notice you- but if not- what can you do to be more subtle? 

Finally, if people laughed at you sneezing in your dreamscape, you may have a natural talent for entertaining others or making them smile. There may be someone in your life right now who needs you to brighten their day. Was there someone with you in the dream who might fit this description? 

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Ribs can also signify a sadness you might be feeling too as they are representative of death. Perhaps you have lost someone or something lately and it has made you think about unnecessary losses in other areas of your life. If you saw a ribcage in your dream- it’s synonymous with breathing and life. Do you need to breathe life into something? Your career? Your relationship? A project? If you were eating prime rib in your dreamscape then you might be indulging in life’s pleasures right now and enjoying the rewards of your hard work.Alternatively, you could be taking things to the excess so be mindful of where your cut off point is of it could affect your health, your relationships or your reputation...

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