To celebrate the 2022 World Snooker Championship which comes to a close on the 2nd May, we have looked into what it means to dream about snooker or pool. 

Konstantin Markov / Alamy Stock Photo

Konstantin Markov / Alamy Stock Photo

Consider the pace of the game- if you were just tapping the white ball to send another colour into the pocket, perhaps someone needs a little nudge in the right direction. Could this person be you? Whoever the dream is referring to, with little effort on your part, the chances of it working are high. 

On the flipside, if you were hitting the white ball to pocket another coloured ball at the opposite end of the table it’s possible you are taking a chance on someone or even yourself. It’s not guaranteed to work, but it’s worth a try all the same. What have you got to lose?

If you are passionate about snooker in your waking hours, it may simply show your dedication to the game. However, consider the mood in the dream- if it was positive, then you and others may be happy for you to stay as you are, however if there were other people in your dream space (specifically family and friends) and there the negativity was palpable, you might be investing too much time into your hobby at the detriment of your closest relationships. 

To attempt to play snooker with a broken cue indicates the intent to do something but the tools you have in place are not working efficiently enough- if at all. This might represent a lack of training or expertise or just that you don’t have the right implement for the task at hand. Before going any further invest in the equipment or the knowledge or you are only setting yourself up for failure. 

Someone lying or sitting on a snooker table suggests that a person in your life is trying to make things difficult for you in your waking hours or that they are attempting to spoil your fun. Try to remember who for additional meaning. 

If there was a snooker table in your home and you don't play or like the game, it implies you are buying things without giving them much thought. Perhaps you are spending money on items you don’t need or really want because of pressure from others. Try to be more mindful with your purchases or you could end up in debt if you aren’t already. 

To start a game of snooker represents the choices you have in life. Each coloured ball can be matched to an area of your world, so be careful about how you handle each one and think carefully about your next move. To be careless with a ball shows you don’t have much respect for that area of your life. On the flipside, if you were systematic in your moves, it demonstrates your attentiveness to the people and things in your world. 

If you were pocketing balls without using a cue, you expect to get things too easily in your life. It’s time to work hard and earn what you have rather than expecting it to simply fall on your lap without lifting a finger. 

Furthermore, are you cheating in some area of your life? Are you being unfaithful to a partner or doing something underhanded at work? If so, the dream may act as a warning to you to stop this now as it will only end in tears. 

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