The Tarot card number 19 is The Sun, so to see the number in your dream indicates happiness, self confidence and success.

Number 19 on Female First

Number 19 on Female First

Perhaps you are in a really good place in your life right now- you are content in your relationships, confident in your abilities and feel satisfied in your career. The dream could be telling you not to take it all for granted. Life won’t always bring you blessings so enjoy it when it does. 

While a standard golf course has 18 holes, players will often refer to the ‘19th hole’ which means going back to the clubhouse to celebrate their game. With that in mind, perhaps you need to adopt a work hard-play hard attitude. If you have been working non stop lately and you have finally reached the end of a project- it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy the feeling of release. 

Nineteen is the atomic number for the element potassium- so are you lacking this in your diet? If so, the dream could be urging you to do something about it. 

Consider the phrase ‘19 to the dozen’ meaning to talk quickly- it is possible you are rushing through something rather than savouring it. This might be something you do on a daily basis and as a result you are missing out on key moments in your life. Slow down and appreciate the little details or you may find yourself full of regrets when you get older. 

Nineteen is the largest prime number that is palindromic (something that can be read the same backward as forward) in Roman numerals – XIX, so to dream about it means you are going back and forth on something when the other person is ultimately on the same page. There is no need to keep toing and froing because you both want the same thing. Are you arguing about something just for the sake of it? Perhaps you are used to clashing over things so your default position is to resist- but on this occasion you are in sync. 

In the card game cribbage, there is no way to get a score of 19, so it’s sometimes deemed “the impossible hand”. Are you trying to accomplish something that is impossible in your waking hours? While it’s admirable that you have tried, it may be wise to put a stop to it because you are getting nowhere with it and never will. This could be a relationship that is doomed to failure or a business idea that you can’t get off the ground. Better to focus your energy on something that has a fighting chance. 

The simplest interpretation is that the 19 has some significance to you- were you born on this day? Married on the 19th? Or did you acquire something significant on the 19th? A job, your degree or a new home to name a few. 

Whatever personal meaning the number has to you reflects what area of your life you need to focus on. If it’s your wedding anniversary- your relationship needs some work. If it’s your graduation date- perhaps a change of career is needed if your current one has gotten stale. If 19 is your house number- is it time to move? Or would some alterations to your current home make you happier? Finally, if your child was born on this day, do you need to invest some more time with them if you have been unable to lately?

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