Whales are the biggest animals on the planet, and are stunning, admirable beasts. They seem to spread love and care among them; but what does it mean to dream about them?

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Whale swimming

If you see a whale swimming in you dream, it shows you are experiencing freedom, you are weightless and are enjoying this the best you can.

It strongly suggests that you feel free and open to be who you are, and there is almost nothing better than this feeling.

A swimming whale within your dream can also mean that you are in tune with your emotions, hence why you seem to be able to understand events differently; more deeply, perhaps.

White whale

Dreaming of a white whale almost certainly relates to your inner self; everything that happens is in relation to your own emotions. This dream can be a blessing, as it can signify peace, wisdom, communication and family.

It may also show that you have a good relationship with your inner strength, as well as physical and emotional healing.

Seeing a while whale in your dream showcases your amazing emotional maturity, perhaps subsequent to years of experience.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Blue whale

Blue whales are the most abundant species in the world, that weigh over 150 tons; if you have dreamt of this majestic animal, it infers that your subconscious may be wanting to show a measure of your inner quality.

A dream such as this might be suggesting that you have made some mistakes, and this is keeping you from getting in touch with your spiritual side; perhaps it’s time to rethink your habits and how you come across to others.

A blue whale can also be a sign to take a step back; you need to be sure that you know the people around you. Make sure you know who is best to have by your side

Black whale

Dreaming of a black whale can mean you have a better insight into your emotional aspects; something may happen rather soon that will tune you into your emotions through a moment of personal reflection.

This is a sign to retreat, only for a moment, and get to know yourself a little better.

Make sure to take note of your dreams, however, because if the whale has some white parts as well as black, this could be a sign of confliction as it may have another meaning...

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Stranded whale

If you see a stranded whale in your dream, then this is definitely a warning sign; it means you have lost your spiritual side, and you may not be sure where to go or what point you are at within your life.

If this whale is on a beach, then you should think of this as a sign that it’s time to reflect, take some time to stop and pay attention to the things and people around you in your daily life.

Rethink your actions and habits, and take control of your life.

Attacked by whale

Dreaming about the occurrence of a what attack can mean you believe something very positive, but perhaps not in its entirety. This can also suggest that you might have a tendency to exaggerate things on occasion.

Perhaps your stubbornness represents your fear of getting hurt when adversity comes around; maybe you should try to handle more difficult situations, and reward yourself when you do so.

This dream can be a sign to rethink your current situation, and review whether it works for you or not; think about what’s important to you in life, and why, so you can begin to feel positive and have some form of organisation in your life.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

Humpback whale

Dreaming of the beautiful Humpback whale can mean that you’re a little isolated at the moment, and that you should try your best to socialise with others.

You need to try and be more friendly, offer and ask for assistance when you feel that’s best; this allows you to have a more open and honest relationship with those around you.

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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