The Bourne Legacy DVD

The Bourne Legacy DVD

Starring: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton

Director: Tony Gilroy

Rating: 4/5

Now I will hold my hands up and say when I first heard that they were going to carry on the Bourne franchise without Matt Damon I was a little bit sceptical as to how successful it would be.

However when I heard that writer of all the Bourne scripts Tony Gilroy was moving into the director’s chair and Oscar nominated actor Jeremy Renner was to take over the lead role I thought that they may just well pull it off.

And pull it off they have as The Bourne Legacy is a fine addition to the Bourne franchise as it stays true to the movies that have gone before it while creating an identity of its own.

The movie is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the movie that have gone before it instead Legacy runs alongside Ultimatum and events of the latter have a huge impact on the new story.

Jeremy Renner is the perfect choice to take over the franchise as Aaron Cross as he is an incredibly charismatic leading man. He brings an intensity and a physicality to this role that makes this character so believable.

He has a great chemistry with Rachel Weisz and together they make an interesting and entertaining partnership; he is the action hero while she is the sheltered scientist.

And while the character of Dr Shearing is underestimated by everyone at the beginning of the movie she learns quick how to survive but also shows that she has a real inner strength.

But what is so great about all of these characters is they are all morally grey and they have all done things that are questionable from a moral standpoint - even Shearing.

And so because of this there is no real good guy or band guy as the lines between what is good and bad really have been blurred and that makes this story incredibly interesting.

The Bourne Legacy is a movie that is packed with action as well as interesting character and relationships and Gilroy has made the story as complex as the movies that have gone before it.

Gilroy successfully keeps many plates spinning at once before bringing the film to an exciting conclusion with a great motorbike chase through the streets of Manilla.

This movie doesn’t quite hit the dizzy heights of The Bourne Ultimatum but you have to remember that the original trilogy got better as it went along.

You just get the feeling that The Bourne Legacy was just setting foundations for these new characters and there is potentially a lot more to come if another movie is made.

Gilroy has kept the Bourne franchise intact with this new movie while Renner delivers a great performance as the new face of this series.

The Bourne Legacy is an action packed ride and you just get the feeling that there could be more to come.

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