True art can only be achieved through suffering and pain in chilling British horror End Of Term, directed by Mat Menony and starring British acting greats Julie Graham (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Shetland), Peter Davidson (Doctor Who, Good Omens) and David Bamber (Valkyrie, The Bourne Identity).

End Of Term

End Of Term

The film is set to arrive on digital on 2 October 2023, in time for some half term Halloween horror.

History repeats itself at the Ford Barrington Art School and a group of students find themselves being relentlessly tormented by the lingering spirit of Garth Stroman, an artist who had a disturbing vision 50 years earlier.

As graduation day draws near, the students embark on a journey of artistic exploration that grows increasingly extreme and their celebrations descend into a nightmarish world of medieval torture – all in the name of art.

When a teacher is found murdered (Ronald Pickup – Darkest Hour, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), DS Stacy Harcourt (Graham) and DI Jim Burman (Bamber) must investigate the gruesome goings-on... can they figure out what went wrong at the End Of Term?