AC/DC have not ruled out recording another album or touring again, despite the fact that Brian Johnson had to be persuaded to play extra shows.

Johnson was apparently planning on retiring following the Black Ice tour but he told Classic Rock magazine that his bandmates are refusing to let him walk away.
He told the publication, "We were talking about the end of the tour and I said, 'We're finishing in May - and that's me done!' But Malcolm (Young) said, 'What are you talkin' about? We're not gonna let you retire!'"

The singer was also worried about looking stupid fronting a band at his age: "I love it being in this band... (but) the other lads are in their early 50s. I'm the old dog in the regiment. It's a purely selfish thing. I don't want to look a prat if I try to push it too far. I don't want for people to see me on stage and say, 'Oh, poor old f**ker, the band's carrying him!'"

Johnson still seems keen however to celebrate the bands 40th anniversary in 2013 with another album and world tour. 
Johnson says, "We'll see how we're feeling. We never ever say, 'We're going in the studio January next year.' If you do that, you're straight under pressure and we've never worked like that. We've always been very easy-going.

  "We're like migrating birds; we smell the air and scratch our a**es and say, 'Hmm, think it's time.'"

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