Hollywood actress Salma Hayek is facing legal action from a former employee - after a business venture went awry.The Ugly Betty star is being sued by Alejandro Artigas, who used to manage a company co-owned by Hayek and her brother Sami.Artigas filed papers at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday accusing Sami Hayek of "wrongfully seeking his removal" as well as "fraud, mismanagement, and/or abuse of authority".The actress is also named in the suit, which is asking the judge to dissolve the siblings' company - North Las Palmas in California - and appoint a receiver to take over the business.Sami Hayek has responded to the suit, with his lawyer, Bob Weiss, telling TMZ.com, "It was an investment deal that was no good for anyone, and we'll fight the lawsuit vigorously."

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