Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek and her new husband Francois-Henri Pinault have finally found time for a romantic honeymoon - almost three months after they wed on St. Valentine's Day (14Feb09).

The newlyweds jetted off to a remote Seychelles island off the eastern coast of Africa after hosting a belated wedding party in Venice, Italy, at the end of last month (Apr09).

According to America's In Touch magazine, the couple landed at Mahe airport in the Seychelles on 26 April (09) and chartered a helicopter to North Island, where they checked into the exclusive North Island Hotel.

The publication has landed exclusive shots of the couple as Hayek and French billionaire Pinault enjoyed a romantic walk on a deserted beach, where they collected seashells.

Salma and Francois-Henri - who began dating in 2006 - called off their engagement last July, but eventually decided to get back together after taking two romantic trips to the French capital.

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