Antonia Harman writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Antonia Harman writes an exclusive piece for Female First

It’s been a rough few months. The world as we knew it has been turned upside down. Liberties we took for granted, even moaned about we would do anything to have back. We have all groaned at visiting the supermarket in the past, thankfully most can go there again now but masks, gloves, and sanitiser make it a wholly more complex operation. Then there is the fear. It is a scary time, many are becoming more insular and less open. Worried at what the future may hold.

As the uncertainty continues, what steps can we take to make the best out of such an odd time?

How can we ease out transition and make the best out of the hand we have been dealt?

I think it’s important to surrender to what is. Covid is here for now and we in some ways need to get on with it in the best way we can. Live.

We have been cooped up for so long. Many have been productive. Learned new skills, got fit, finally done the house chores which have been on the list for years, been introspective. Expanded in many ways.

Others have had a pretty traumatic time. Being alone or feeling alone as you are with people you don’t get along with. Divorce rates have skyrocketed, as has domestic violence. There are huge financial pressures for many, businesses have failed.

Picture Credit: Pixabay
Picture Credit: Pixabay

So, what positive steps can we take to make the best of it?

1) Keep abreast of current affairs and updates but not obsessively. The news especially at the moment generates a lot of fear. The more upsetting things are the bigger wow factor they have and the more revenue is generated by advertising. As cynical as sounds, news stations / papers are businesses. What bleeds leads. We tune into graphic details, it’s an inbuilt reaction, we are hyper aware of danger so we can avoid it. It’s a very clever evolutionary function. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of stress, which weakens our immune system and makes us on edge and ratty. It’s harder to see the wood for the trees.

If you have news updates on your phone I recommend disabling them. Take your news when you want it not when the app suggests it. If you are watching the news multiple times a day limit it to once, max. If you are already at once a day progress to a couple of times a week. Let’s face it things don’t change that fast, and if something important/ urgent does crop up it will be all over social media, you may even be updated by friends and family. Don’t get lost in fear porn AKA news. This simple step will reduce your anxiety exponentially.

2) Get outside. Covid came at a really great time of year weather wise in the UK. Can you imagine how much more miserable it would have been in winter? That 30 minutes exercise in the bitter cold would have been way worse. It’s summer enjoy it. Fresh air and sunshine is so good for you. Go for walks, exercise outside, picnic. Picnicking is a wonderful way to eat. Of course, there are picnics and there are picnics. As amazing as hampers are from Fortnum’s a meal deal from Tescos will suffice. Get into nature were you can.

3) Adapt. The world had shifted in many ways, but to be honest some of it needed to change. Archaic business strategies have evolved, evolve with them! It’s not perfect at the moment but some are enjoying working from home. Others crave the social interaction, I think at some point in the not too distant future we will find a balance. I like many of you have had to adapt. My healing classes are now online as well as in person. I wish I had bought shares in Zoom, meetings have moved there largely.

4) Use your free time wisely. Let’s face it most people have some extra time on their hands. If you are on furlough are you re-skilling? Even if you are working your commute has probably vanished? What are you doing with your extra-time? Is there anything that has always interested you that you never had time to do? Now is the time my friend. Most things have been moved on-line take this time to study what interests you.

5) Eat right. Unfortunately, most people are so busy that it’s become the norm to grab a pre-made packaged meal from the supermarket on the way home from work. The simplicity of sticking it in the oven or even microwave has made the typical diet less healthy. Cook from scratch, you have time. It’s cheaper, healthier, learn a skill and use it as a mediation. It’s an act of self-love, you may even enjoy it?

7 social distancing food hacks
7 social distancing food hacks

6) Exercise. Get your body moving in whichever way is fun for you. I love to dance so I’m doing Zumba most days. Walking is wonderful, if you find it boring which I admit I do from time to time. It’s easy to solve that issue with a phone call audio book or music. I love learning so I’m all about audio-books. Using my time productively to shed fat and learn something really resonates even fiction if I want to immerse myself in a different world. The gyms are re-opening any day now which is wonderful. In the interim or in general find a sport you like and do it. YouTube as stack of videos for you to follow and enjoy.

7) Meditate/Journal. If meditation is new to you or daunting there are some wonderful apps out there with guided meditation such as Calm. YouTube has stacks too. Journaling helps to get any anguish out of your head and onto paper. It gives you a chance to be introspective and let things go. I particularly like ‘The Positive Planner’ it has lots of simple exercises for your mind and body to keep you calm and in control.

8) Gratitude. If you find yourself having a moan internally out out-loud, make a conscious effort to spin it. When someone bugs you have the mantra “Thank you for teaching me patience”. That will get you a long way. Instead of saying “Sorry I’m late” you could say “Thank you for waiting”.

Listing things you did well that day or things you are grateful for however small really will put you in a positive mindset.

9) Be helpful and of service. ‘Seva’ is a Sanskrit word which means selfless service. I guess one modern interpretation is “pay it forward”. If you see an opportunity to help take it. Help the mother with the pushchair down the stairs when we are allowed to once more. Compliment the stranger in the street, buy the homeless person lunch. Give advice and your time to those who will benefit from it freely and without the need for acknowledgement. Be kind for kindness sake not for social media. Small acts of kindness will nourish your soul and quieten anxiety.

10) Audit your troubles and let them go. Forgive. If you want to fast track this really become at peace with your life and past why not join me on a workshop? That is exactly what we do. The mediation hacks may also come in handy?

Please do whichever of these resonate for you. We will get though this together. Be thankful for what you have and be the best you with kindness, love and movement.

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