Over the past few years, I've really found an affinity with gin. It's gone from the usual Gordon's London Dry Gin and tonic to a number of different varieties, all mixed with unique flavours to ensure no gin ever tastes the same. So, when I was offered the opportunity to try new Zymurgorium Flagingo Electric Blue, I jumped at the opportunity.

Now, if there's one thing I love about any product, it's a novelty element. You get that in spades here, with Zymurgorium promising a sparkling electric blue gin that turns pink once a mixer is added. Exactly how pink the drink goes however, seems to depend on the mixer you're using. At times, it looks more white than anything else - almost like a soapy water - but at others, it's a soft pink.

What really matters when it comes to a gin however, is taste. And with their Flagingo Electric Blue, where blue raspberries mix with their red Scottish counterparts, Zymurgorium really hit it out of the park. Putting together with a lemonade allows for one of the most delicious gin experiences I've ever had.

This is certainly a gin for those with a sweet tooth. If you quickly begin to feel bloated or sickly eating or drinking too much sweet stuff, then this will likely work best as a nightcap rather than something you can drink all night.

In all cases though, you should certainly give this new release a try.

Zymurgorium Flagingo Electric Blue is available to buy from www.zymurgorium.com - RRP £19 per 50cl bottle

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