Although we live in a society that encourages and promotes healthy eating, which is really good for all of us, indulging with the odd piece of chocolate is something most people take enjoyment from. 



But there’s so much more to chocolate than just its deliciousness. Here are some of the most interesting facts about chocolate for you to share.

There’s more than one chocolate celebration day! Make sure you put National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day in your calendar for the 7th November, along with plenty more.

A farmer can wait four to five years for a cacao tree to grow its first ever beans so that chocolate can be made.

The chocolate chip cookie was created by accident in 1930 by Ruth Wakefield. She was out of baker’s chocolate and used broken pieces of a chocolate bar instead, expecting it to absorb and make a chocolate cookie. When it didn’t, she sold the chocolate chip cookie idea to Nestle for a lifetime supply of chocolate!

The river of chocolate featured in the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory film was real! It was made by mixing 15,000 gallons of water with chocolate and cream.

White chocolate isn’t technically a chocolate because it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids or chocolate liquor. That means it doesn’t count towards your daily chocolate allowance!

Just one piece of chocolate gives your body enough energy to run 500 feet

The world’s largest chocolate bar was created by Thortons to celebrate its 100th birthday, and it weighed an incredible 5,792.50kg!

Chocolate can actually kill you! But you would have to eat about 22lb of the stuff all at once.

The mere smell of chocolate encourages theta brain waves, which make you feel relaxed.

If we laid all the Toblerone’s we ate every year end to end, they would reach 62,000km – longer than the circumference of the Earth.

Kylie Minogue enjoys dark chocolate every day. Be like Kylie, eat plenty of dark chocolate!

The blood used in the dramatic and iconic shower scene in Psycho was chocolate syrup.

Chocolate gets your heart beating faster than if you were kissing.

At one point, Nazis were plotting to kill Churchill with an exploding chocolate bar.

The first ever chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry.

Brussels Airport sells the most amount of chocolate in the world – more than 800 tons of chocolate every year!

Did you know that chocolate actually means “food of the gods”? Well, technically it’s the scientific name for the tree that chocolate comes from, Theobroma cacao.

Chocolate helped to invent the microwave! It is said that Percy L. Spencer, an engineer, was walking through a radar test room with a chocolate bar in his pocket. When he got close to a running magnetron, the chocolate melted. He then went on to experiment with ‘microwaving’ kernels of corn and eggs!

When you eat chocolate, you’re also eating insects! One chocolate bar contains approximately 8 insect parts due to the way the beans are processed. Apparently anything over 60 insect parts per 100gms is unsafe, so you can carry on with the chocolate munching.

Every second, 100 pounds of chocolate are eaten by Americans collectively.

And there you have it. Chocolate really is a special source of sustenance for a variety of different reasons. Not only is it irresistible but it’s interesting too!

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