Cider apple trees take seven years to produce their first crop

Once a cider apple tree has been planted, it takes on average 7 years for the first crop to be products. After producing their first crop, cider apple trees crop annually and bi annually. For smaller, home grown trees, it can take anywhere from one to four years after planting to produce their crop.

Food and Drink on Female First

Food and Drink on Female First

Cider takes nine months to make from crop to bottle

On average, the entire cider process takes nine months. This begins with a two-month harvest from September. The apples are then pressed and left to naturally ferment for seven more months. Throughout these seven months the cider is frequently tasted to decide whether it is best suited to a Medium, Dry or a Vintage variety. Once we know where the pressed apples will be going, the apples are blended and bottled.

England grows the best cider apples

There are more than 300 different cider apple varieties available throughout the world and quite frankly we think that England grows the best. The South West of England is especially good for growing cider apple trees as it has the perfect climate and soil conditions to grow great tasting cider apples. This is why products from The Taunton Cider Company taste so delicious.

The Romans brought cider to England

After invading Gaul (now Normandy), a province in France the Romans farmed and developed cider. When they later invaded England, they brought cider with them. Cider apple trees can be found in known Roman settlements around the country. The first apple cider trees originated in Normandy.

Not all apples make good cider

Cider apples need to contain a high level of tannin, a bitter tasting, organic substance found in apples. The main apple varieties used in cider making are; Bittersweets, Bittersharps, Sharps and Sweets. The sweeter can be combined with sour apples to produce a stronger cider, rather than a sweeter taste. Unfortunately, you can’t really take normal garden apples and make cider in your kitchen.

The UK loves cider (especially the South)

In recent research[i], studies have shown on average UK households consume 33 litres of cider a year and make 10.9 shopping trips a year for cider alone. Also, the five most southern regions of the UK make up 60% of cider volume sold.

A drink best served with…food

The study also went on to show the 67% if cider drinkers would have the drink alongside some sort of food. It does however remain a somewhat informal drink with only 14% of this figure having their cider with at a formal occasion such as a dinner party.

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