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I have tried a bunch of cocktails and rated them, so you don't have to waste alcohol on ones you don’t like.

Images courtesy of Bethan Case

Images courtesy of Bethan Case

As it is the last Friday I will spend in my student house this year, my favourite housemate and I decided to have a Christmas night. This included, Christmas themed food, Christmas songs and Christmas themed drinks.

With the help of my housemate, we both rated the drinks, so you aren’t getting one point of view.

Here are the 5 Christmas theme cocktails…

The Grinch

The Grinch was my favourite cocktail of the night; it had a satisfying fruity taste along with a colour that was gorgeous to look at. The recipe serves four, but we cut the ingredients in half to make two servings. It is easy to adjust the ingredients for bigger groups. We found that the drink was nicer with ice in the glass as well but that it is totally up to you.

Overall, I would rate this drink a 9/10 and my housemate Dani, would rate it 8.5/10.

Ingredients (serves 4)

- 4 oz Peach Schnapps

- 4 oz Bacardi Rum

- 10 oz orange juice

- 4 oz lemonade

- 4 oz Blue Curacao liquor


1. Rim edge of the glass with lemon and roll the glass in sugar. 2. Mix all the ingredients in a glass or mix in a pitcher and stir well. 3. Add an orange slice to the glass and if needed add more lemonade.

Jack Frosties

After starting so strong, it was such a disappointment for this cocktail to taste like cheap Prosecco. The presentation of the cocktail and the colour got our hopes up! Unfortunately, I could not drink more than a few sips and was so upset while tipping it away. However, if you are a fan of Prosecco this might be the cocktail for you.

I would rate it a 1/10 but Dani gives it 3/10.

Ingredients (serves 4)

- 225ml Vodka

- 200ml Prosecco

- 100ml Bubblegum Gin

- 150ml lemonade

- 6 cups of ice


1. Put all the ingredients in a blender with the ice and blend till it is half watery and half-frozen. 2. Rim glass with sugar and add bubblegum sweets if you like

Tipsy Rudolph

This cocktail definitely was better than the last one, it had a citrus taste and it was easy to drink. Tipsy Rudolph can put into a pitcher and left in the fridge for a good couple of days so don't worry about drinking it all! It is best to chill your ingredients (we forgot and had to use ice, leaving it too watery). Again, it is pretty easy to adjust the measurements for less and more.

I would rate it an 8/10 and my housemate would rate it 7/10

Ingredients (serves 5):

- 2 ½ cups of orange juice

- 2 ½ cups of cranberry juice

- 2 cups of lemonade or ginger ale (we choose lemonade)

- 2 ½ cups of Vodka

- half a cup of lemon juice


1. mix all together separately in a glass or a pitcher

2. Add slices of oranges and cranberries to the glass or let orange slices and cranberries sit in the pitcher for garnish

Candy Cane

Another full-filling taste cocktail is the candy cane; with the peppermint flavour, it tasted like Christmas. What we did to add that extra taste was smash up candy canes and let them sit in the Vodka for an hour or two and then added that to our glasses. Now I am not a huge fan of candy canes, but I could definitely drink this all the time at Christmas.

I rate this a 7.5/10 and Dani would rate it a 9/10

Ingredients (2 servings):

- 1 ½ oz Vodka

- 1 ½ oz Peppermint Schnapps

- 1 oz lemonade

- crushed candy canes

- a dash of sparkling water at the end


1. Mix all together with ice into a shaker 2. Rim the glass with candy canes (make sure to smash them completely) 3. A dash of sparkling water to top up

Christmas Margarita

The final cocktail of the night was this gorgeous red-looking margarita that felt like I was on a beach holiday in Spain. We added some orange flavoured bomb sweets that fizzled the drinks up as well to bring a more spiced taste. It was a more relaxed cocktail compared to the other, so It was nice to finish the night off with it.

I would rate it a 6/10 and Dani rates it a 6.5/10.

Ingredients (serves 2):

- 5 oz cranberry juice

- 2 oz lemon juice

- 2 oz blood orange gin

- 4 oz vodka


1. Slice up orange and lemon to add garnish to the glass 2. Add all ingredients into a shaker and shake

3. Pour over ice and enjoy!

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