Natural-eating guru, Stacie Stewart (Channel 4's What's Cooking and Masterchef finalist) tells us what changes you need to make if you want to eat clean. 

Stacie Stewart

Stacie Stewart

Eat four to six small meals a day to stabilise blood sugar, boost metabolism and keep cravings at bay.

Drink water like it's your job! Aim for two litres a day.

Make more nutritious choices; if you want dessert, have it but choose yogurt, raw cacao, superfood sprinkles, berries and raw honey. Or clean pancakes made with whizzed up oats, eggs, flaxseed, cinnamon and honey always hit the spot.

Avoid all processed packaged food. If you can't pronounce an ingredient on the package, avoid the product.

Switch to Himalayan pink salt or sea salt. Ditch the table salt completely. 

Don't start the week without a meal plan. Just be realistic and set simple, achievable goals.

Buy foods in their raw form. If a food has only one ingredient such as chicken, broccoli, quinoa; it's clean. 

Always keep clean eating snacks on hand when you leave the house. I love Greek yogurt mini pots with Manuka honey and blueberries. Or two boiled eggs. Simple!

Try to eat natural ingredients where possible The way in which Caorunn is mastered to perfection, hand-crafted and infused with five foraged natural botanicals from the Speyside Hills (including dandelion, heather, coul blush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berry) really inspired me, as there is already so much goodness in these organic ingredients.

Now the weather’s getting warmer, I would recommend a Caorunn Gin. It has depth in every drop; It is dry and crisp while still being fresh and floral on the nose and is the perfect gin to mix with fresh, home-made ingredients. I have created a collection of tonics including an immune system boosting ‘The Red Apple Rose’, cleansing ‘The Fresh Mint Zing’, digestion enhancing ‘The Zest and Honey’ and fat burning ‘The Citrus Cooler.’

The benefits of the natural ingredients are:

The Fresh Mint Zing: Mint is known for its ability to aid digestion, relax the body and helps to cleanse the body.

Glass: Short 50ml of Caorunn Gin

2 Juniper berries

1/2 Red Apple + slices to garnish

Juice of 1/2 Lemon

2 Sprigs of mint.

Soda water to top.

The Zest and Honey: Manuka Honey is a rich source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals including B6, calcium and iron. It aids digestion and is good for clear skin and strong nails.

The Citrus Cooler: Not only are citrus fruits high in vitamin C, they are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that can neutralise free radicals and may improve blood flow. As well as boosting your metabolism to help aid weight loss.

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