Be it a date or a celebratory dinner, popping a bottle of champagne is a custom that needs to be followed. To make the dining experience even more luxurious and delicious, certain dishes can elevate your palette.  Dom Pérignon Champagne is a treasured taste by people of all ages.

Champagne and Luxury food

Champagne and Luxury food


To spice up your dinner table with elegance, we have made a list of food pairings that work the best with the champagne. Read below to find out what they are.

Fried Delicacies

The best thing about food is that you can create a luxurious palette even with common food items. Most people consider fried dishes to be their comfort food; along with that, these foods are mostly a pot full of flavor. Thus, pairing fried dishes with champagne allows you to cleanse your palette in between bites, so you can relish the flavors of each bite without getting used to them. Below are some fried foods you can try:

  • Fried chicken: Nothing beats a good plate of fried chicken with a glass of Dom Pérignon. Go for crispy fried chicken from any of your favorite takeaways, and you will be good.
  • Potato chips/fries: Salty fried snacks, such as potato wedges, chips, or fries, serve as a splendid counterpart to champagne. The bubbliness of the champagne helps in cutting through the fat and salt content. Consequently, you can enjoy fried food without feeling too heavy.
  • Fried ravioli: If you have never had a plate of fried ravioli while sipping on a glass of Dom Pérignon champagne, you are missing out on a lot. Fried ravioli is the best appetizer entree you can go for with your champagne.


No celebratory night ever ends without getting dessert, and desserts taste absolutely splendid when paired with champagne. Below are the options you can go for:

  • Tarts and pudding: These types of desserts go best with vintage/aged champagne as it allows to bring forward their fruity taste. By combining the sweetness of fruit and a crunchy biscuit texture with bubbly champagne, it almost feels as if you can taste the stars.
  • Melt-in-the-mouth cakes: Cakes or pastries that are soft, plump, and flavourful, such as macaroons, pancakes, creme brulee, etc., build a smooth, silk-like flavor in your mouth. It is recommended that you pair such desserts with brut, dry, or medium-dry champagne.
  • Dry cakes: Biscuits, cookies, almond cakes, pound cakes, and shortbread mainly belong to the category of dry cakes. Since these cakes have a dense structure, Dom Pérignon prevents your mouth from getting too dry. Moreover, adding champagne as a side would allow the delicate flavors of these cakes to flow freely.



There are several flavors and ages in which the Dom Pérignon champagne comes in. Pairing these flavors with the right dishes can create an experience like no other. Apart from the food mentioned above, you can also go for lasagna, deviled eggs, nuts, baked mushrooms, or a classic grilled cheese sandwich. Moreover, even without any side dishes, Dom Pérignon does the magic with its own flavors.




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