To celebrate G&T Day today (October 19), we teamed up with Bombay Sapphire Distillery's Senior Ambassador Sam Carter, who's revealing some top facts all about one of the nation's favourite drinks! We bet you didn't know these...

Enjoy a delicious Bombay Sapphire this G&T Day!

Enjoy a delicious Bombay Sapphire this G& Day!

  1. Around 73% of how gin is drunk around the world is as a G&T.
  2. For the best G&T, serve it in a large balloon glass to improve the aroma and therefore the flavour of the drink as 90-95% of what we taste comes from what we smell and not from what we taste.
  3. Make sure you fully fill a glass full of cubed ice to receive the least amount of dilution from the ice and keep the drink colder for longer.
  4. Use as smallest can/bottle of tonic possible for the amount of drinks you’re making. This way, the tonic shall stay freshest and most effervescent. Also, ensure the tonic is well chilled.
  5. At Bombay Sapphire, we recommend a ratio or 2:1 when making a Gin & Tonic. That’s one part Bombay Sapphire and two parts Fever-Tree Tonic Water... 50ml Bombay Sapphire and 100ml Tonic. The garnish is up to you but a slice of fresh ginger and a large mint sprig tends to work extremely well rather than the usual lemon or lime. 
  6. Gin can be kept in the fridge to keep it chilled. Better still, keep it in the freezer for the least amount of dilution when making a G&T. 

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