Goodfella’s is asking pizza fans to trial its latest recipe – and it’s not one for the faint hearted.

Nicknamed ‘The Godmother’, the new pizza has a stonebaked thin base, and is packed with the heat of fiery jalapeno peppers, roquito peppers, spicy pepperoni, tasty Tuscan meatballs, ham, hot tomato sauce, a generous drizzle of cayenne pepper sauce and is rounded off with smooth cream cheese and a chilli and black pepper crumb.

The special edition has been created to celebrate the launch of the pizza giant’s new light-hearted TV ad, which takes the brand back to its Italian-American roots, featuring a strong female boss who commands respect and demands pizza perfection. The carefully selected combination of pizza toppings on ‘The Godmother’ reflects the matriarch’s fiery personality and no-nonsense attitude.

Claire Hoyle, Head of Marketing at Goodfella’s, said: “Our new creation is definitely for those who like some spice on their pizza, but we know there is a fine line between some warmth and a recipe that will blow your socks off. Therefore we are relying on the public to tell us how hot we should go, by coming to try it for themselves.”

Londoners can try the new limited edition Godmother pizza for free this Friday 3rd May from 11am until 3pm outside Charing Cross station and share their feedback via the Goodfella’s Twitter page or Instagram.

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