If how you’re currently eating, dieting, or avoiding dieting – isn’t working for you, then it’s time for a new approach.

Clair MacKenzie

Clair MacKenzie

It’s time to focus on creating an amazing relationship with food that will work for you for life.

I retrained as a weight loss mindset, life and health coach after I used mindset tools to help me lose six stone for the last time about 5-years ago.

I am a Weight Loss Mindset, Life & Health Coach helping people create a relationship with food, themselves and their lives that they love so that they can lose weight for the last time. I am against fad, quick fix diets and all for empowering others to figure out a way of eating for themselves that balances food for nutrition and nourishment with eating for pleasure and comfort, in such a way that they get to be their ideal weight for them and feel great.

Often, we feel frustrated because we know exactly how to eat to lose weight, to feel better, or to be healthier – but we just don’t do it.

And that’s because us humans, are complex beings, and how we eat has very little to do with knowing the right foods and everything to do with how we make decisions, our belief systems, our mindset, and our capacity to handle emotion. How we eat is also affected by our relationships with ourselves, others and how we feel about our lives.

So, how do you quieten your diet demons, learn to be kind to yourself and create an amazing relationship with food that will work for you for life?

#1 Empower yourself to decide the right way to eat for you.

You are the best person to figure out how to find the balance between eating for fuel and nourishment and nutrition and eating for comfort and pleasure that is right for you.

You know what foods feel good in your body, you know what foods you like and dislike, you know how you want to eat to work with your life style and life stage.

Empower yourself to take control and decide how you want to eat to be healthy and lose weight.

#2 Look inwards for the answers not outwards

You will not find food freedom in the next fad diet.

Diets don’t work because they don’t address why you overeat.

If you want to lose weight for life, be curious about your overeating patterns and triggers.

The answers lie within you.

Observe yourself with curiosity as you make food choices. Notice what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.

Notice if how you’re thinking is helping or hindering you ‘eat right for you’ and decide how you might want to think differently.

#3 Embrace the journey

When you’ve a history of dieting to lose weight with will power and then regaining it, you get into a habit of approaching weight loss as if you’re going into battle with yourself. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Think of your weight loss journey as a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery and figuring out a way of eating that you love, that works for you.

#4 Stop using diet language

Listen to the language you use around food.

Do you refer to foods as being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’?

Do you think of your eating as being either on or off track?

Do you consider there are some days where you are ‘in control’ and others where you are ‘out of control’?

This way of thinking is not useful and leads to feelings of judgement and shame and frustration.

It’s time to let go of your diet dialogue.

#5 Love yourself first

Love the work in progress that is you instead of chasing the ‘you’ of your perfectionist fantasies.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you will feel better about yourself when you reach a certain number on the scale or fit in to that smaller dress size.

But when you’re thinking this way, you’re not appreciating yourself as you are. Sometimes we think that withholding self-love until we achieve our goals is somehow driving us to achieve them, but that’s not the case.

When we feel bad, we look for ways to feel better and that often means turning to food.


Clair Mackenzie is a certified Weight Loss Mindset & Life Coach, helping women ditch dieting and create a relationship with food, themselves, and their lives that they love.

Clair became a coach after more than 20 years working for global blue chip companies after she discovered mindset work that helped her to lose six stone for the last time.

Now she’s on a mission to significantly improve the physical and mental health of women who state they are unhappy with their weight, empowering them to create a positive relationship with food and themselves, so they can ditch yoyo dieting and self-sabotaging beliefs that hold them back, and move forward with stronger self-worth.



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