'Nescafe' is a name synonymous with coffee, so it should be no surprise to learn that for a 'pod' coffee system there may be no better machine than the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse Automatic by De'Longhi.

With it's quirky styling and futuristic feel the Eclipse looks as much like a piece of art as it does a coffee machine. But don't let this give you the impression that the Eclipse is all show, it's light and has plenty of functionality for the coffee lover to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse

Design & Features

Touch screen technology for ease of use

Maximum 15 bar pump pressure for coffee shop quality

Descaling alert for regular maintenance so you can enjoy consistent quality coffee.

XL cup function to create larger drinks.

Available in Platinum Silver

Space efficient offering at just 32cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 27cm (D)

The Eclipse can't be faulted its worktop footprint means there's no kitchen that would be too small for it to squeeze into. This though has not impacted on the size of its water tank. It's not the most capacious at 700ml, and the tank has a thoughtful touch to prevent spillages between tap and machine.

As well as a perforated removable drip tray, there's an internal bin for used pods, so several drinks can be made before it needs emptying. The cable length is fine giving flexibility as to where it's positioned.

Using The Dolce Gusto Elipse

The 'get you started' instruction booklet is in the form of a easy to follow diagrams and symbols with a key. At first glanceit makes the machine look harder to use than it actually is, but once you're up to speed with the basics, brewing drinks is straightforward. There are only two buttons to work with so it's ready to make coffee within seconds of switching on.

Inserting a capsule involves rotating the front bar backwards, which opens up a slot for it to drop into. Getting this into the slot involves a little bit of practice, then it's a case of choosing a long or short coffee - the quantity of water can be altered - and the Eclipse will stop automatically when it's finished. Rotating back again and releasing the used capsule. The handy energy-saving mode will switch itself off if you forget.

The milk frother is just as easy to use and faster to heat than comparable models - about 60 seconds. Internal markings indicate the fill levels for making hold and cold frothed milk, and it's operated via a sole button on the front. While the body of the machine can't be immersed in water for cleaning, the lid and whisk both detach to be rinsed. After cleaning, the whisk magnetically clicks back into place.

What Worked For Us

When you turn it on, it transforms as it automatically opens, turning into a coffee machine which surprises many who have not seen one before.

The touch screen is easy to use I have to admit I've not used a touch screen coffee machine before and it adds to the futuristic feel of the Eclipse.

It gives you a 'prod' when descaling is required, which keeps the coffee always perfect.

Self cleaning - when you first use it, it takes itself through a cleaning cycle which is useful.

The array of coffee choices available - 40 different coffees you can make from it!! It's a pod system so you buy pods and mix and match them.

The coffee tastes excellent. The crema you get on it is just perfect and as good as you get due to the 15 bar pump.

Speed - it's quicker than other coffee methods, you get your coffee fix (with proper crema) so much faster and less washing up

How Good Is The Coffee?

The Eclipse boasts the same maximum 19-bar pressure for its crema, and combined with warm frothy milk, drinks can be tailored to suit.

As pod coffee machines go it is a smart choice, reasonably priced for the features, takes up barely any room, and it's futuristic and refined looks coupled with it's practical operation makes the Eclipse a winner. It provides everything you might reasonably need to indulge an everyday coffee habit.

And it's Nescafe - what more needs saying

The Verdict

Overall we recommend the new Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse machine, it's fun, stylish yet practical. On the downside needing to place two pods for the more seious coffee drinks such as the Mocha and Cappuccinos is a little fussy but that is soon forgotten when a couple of minutes later you are enjoying a great coffee. Lets face it - if its good enough for Will. I Am who is a true coffee lover it good enough for us. It was a huge hit with the team at Femalefirst getting a resounding 9 out of 10

Nescafé have a huge range of different flavoured pods to cater for the fussiest of coffee drinkers which also include a range of teas and cold drinks, the Eclipse makes them all.

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