BBQ’s have become big business in the UK over the last decade, with the overall BBQ & alfresco eating & entertaining market worth over a whopping £8 billion.

Be wary of triggers

Be wary of triggers

BBQ’s are joyous occasions for many, but if you’re one of the 10-20% of people in the UK affected by IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) then the humble BBQ can be an anxious affair. Whilst a BBQ for the strong stomached average joe means tasty burgers and endless alcohol, for someone who has irritable bowels it normally means uncomfortable cramping and bloating alongside endless bathroom visits and embarrassment.

As the nation prepares to get grilling and embrace National BBQ Week, we compile some tips to help IBS sufferers manage their symptoms throughout BBQ season this summer:

Be wary of triggers - generally, there are certain foods that will trigger off an IBS reaction and most sufferers are aware of them particularly if they have been living with the condition for years. Steer clear of those food faux pas and stay safe with non-irritating options. If it means reaching for the beetroot salad over the blue cheese beef burger melt, then so be it. You will thank yourself later!

Fresh mint is the SUPER HERB when it comes to an upset stomach, so keep it within your consumed foods for the day. The fragrant leaves are lovely topped on a lamb burger or in a feta pomegranate salad… nom nom nom. Failing that a mint tea will help soothe tummy cramps if you feel a reaction coming on.

Taking a daily supplement can be help ease symptoms A liquid shot can help improve and prevent the symptoms of IBS. Choose one packed full of active ingredients formulated to regularly maintain a healthy digestive system. 

Linseeds are a great source of soluble fibre so try eating a teaspoon before you hit the BBQ or scatter them over your salad!

Pace yourself - although its tempting to load up your plate it’s is much better to eat smaller and slower. Overindulgent portions can wreak havoc on the digestive system causing discomfort and cramps.

Avoid onions - notorious for causing gas and are not easily absorbed in the stomach its best to stay away from the stinky layered vegetables. Watch out for them in salads or topped on your burger!

Go Vegan - although it’s a difficult lifestyle choice to sustain long term, going vegan for a BBQ is a safe option when it comes to irritable bowels. The more cleaner and non-processed the food you consume the better. Carrot stick anyone?

Know your bathrooms! If you are visiting a friend’s home that is new to you, before eating anything make sure you know where the nearest facilities are in case of an emergency.

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