Beth Kates is a bra expert and the founder of start up Liberty & Love. She is passionate about championing women’s bodies of all shapes, sizes and ages.

Beth Kates - Bra Fitter

Beth Kates - Bra Fitter

During the first lockdown Beth found herself shopping online for new sleepwear and lingerie – and she was disappointed by the marketing of women’s underwear.

“It seemed to be aimed at men, and the idea that you can only wear lingerie for the bedroom or it was very high end but completely unwearable unless you are a size 4!”

Beth’s teenage daughters inbox was also full of adverts showing “perfect” bodies, pouting models, images of girls with clearly enhanced implants and overly padded bras and Beth felt so strongly this is not what should be inspiring our daughters.

Beth saw lots of adverts and felt forgotten about too.

“I am 51 and still want to look the best I can – even when on the school run! I certainly do not relate to the unachievable images that dominate the marketing of underwear and these are not images I want to inspire my daughter.”

“I wanted underwear that empowers me to be sexy everyday, to feel good if I’m going to sleep, going to the boardroom or going on a dog walk. So just like that Liberty & Love was born.”

“My clients have come in to be measured in a relaxed positive environment and gone away feeling fabulous many saying they feel more confident. Some have invested in a whole new wardrobe of lingerie after not buying any for years during the pandemic! Some young teens have come in having their first fitting with their mum and it was quite a bonding experience supporting for them both. 

It was fantastic having our local MP come in for a visit as well as some celebs!

However lets chat more about why you must be measured….

If your bra is too small it can dig into your breasts and back. If it is too big (which is a common problem) you are not getting the support you need.

Wearing the wrong size bra can also lead to breast pain and sagging breasts. It can leave marks and indentations on your shoulders and you will have that feeling that you can not wait to take your bra off! We have all pretty much experienced this however we shouldn’t need to with a correctly fitted bra.

“We should look and feel the best we can – and for ourselves not to please others such as potential partners or even for social media!”

Beth’s models at Liberty & Love are real women – no airbrushing….. and models range from 18 to women in their 60s!

“It’s important to wear the correct size bra because if you're wearing one that’s too small it can contract vessels in the breast tissue. Or if it’s too big, you won’t have the support and the breast tissue will stretch leading to lack of shape.” 

“Having your bra fitted correctly has so many benefits and should be a positive, enjoyable experience too.”

Ideally we should have a bra fitting annually and especially if weight increases or decreases, during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as during perimenopause.

Some of Beth’s clients have reported their back pain has disappeared, their clothes look and feel better, their posture has improved as well as their confidence.

You can measure yourself however it isn’t easy …

“To find your correct bra size it is a case of measuring around the rib, to achieve the band size. The band size is very important.”

“Then measure around the nipple line and calculating the difference between the two measurements to achieve the cup size. It’s not easy to do it yourself and visiting a professional is better.”

“Every bra has its day but it's important to invest in a bra that makes you feel happy and confident.”

“At Liberty & Love we are passionate about women feeling good every day. We want you to buy underwear for you, your body, your life, your choice. You can have beautiful nightwear for movie nights with the kids and still feel glamorous. You can have beautiful underwear when you are just being you, every day. Your body, your choice, your you.”

Also my clients love the beautiful packaging as well - and what was really important to me that my products don't just get slung in a bag and go out that they are all boxed and wrapped and beautiful and they all go out with a little extra thing like some bath salts or a little massage bar or some soap. They are all sent with love.” 

About Liberty & Love

Beth offers one on one consultations by appointment at her beautiful studio in East Sussex.

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