Another article about that beach body and how best to achieve it. Yawn.

Follow this timeless advice to help maintain a healthy body.

Follow this timeless advice to help maintain a healthy body.

We need to start making food decisions that not only concern our waistline but our health and well-being too.

Eating the right foods can leave us feeling more active and looking more youthful. So, why haven't we been doing this all along then?Dr Yann Rougier, a doctor in nutrition and neurobiology and a world leading authority on health and wellbeing has devoted his career to researching nutrition and its impact on the nervous system.

He shares with you his 10 commandments that can only leave you feeling a whole lot better a better about yourself, and after 35 years of experience and research, he is certainly the man to turn to for advice.

1. Thou shalt incorporate fibres daily

An essential food group that we must eat regularly; they slow down sugars, 'soak up' fats, cleanse the gut and regulate bowel movements. Good job it's found in everything from wholemeal or granary bread, wholegrain breakfast cereals like Weetabix, fresh fruits and vegetables and in potatoes left in their skins.

2. Thou shalt take vitamins

Vitamins are a vital part of a healthy diet - If you need a top up, they should be taken as three-week treatment once every three months. A vitamin deficiency can damage our health in the short-term, which makes it more likely for us to contract common colds.

3. Thou shalt moderate salt intake

We all know that too much salt is bad for us, it also bloats us, which is never a good look, or even a good feeling. A few simple rules to remember when it comes to salt are: never re-salt after cooking. The more meat consumed, the less salt should be eaten. If you find it hard parting from your dearly-loved salt then buy a mixture of salt with herbs and spices as they have three times less salt and add great flavour to your food.

4. Thou shalt reject saturated fats

Low-quality fats are your enemy. Step away from them now. To rebalance your intake of fats, choose pressed olive oil and favour recipes using fresh butter. A good rule of thumb to live by is to eat red meat and refined cheeses only three times a week.

5. Thou shalt become friends with the pavement

The cheapest exercise you could possibly do and one of the most-effective, walking. It helps to regulate the metabolism, the nervous system and blood sugar level. The most effective method is: stroll slowly for 15 minutes, then walk rapidly for 15, then at an average, but steady speed for the last 15 minutes, always breathing through the nose.

6. Thou shalt shun extreme diets

Eating too much of any one thing is bad for you, that's why it's best to step away from anything that tells you to eat acai berries, cabbage soup or grapefruit in an abundance. This type of diet only encourages a yo-yo effect that can be very damaging to your health. Steady weight-loss is the best way forward as you're less likely to gain back the weight.

7. Thou shalt observe the glycemic index of foods

This is the impact that particular foods can have on our organs and digestion. Learn this table and let it become second nature to you when your cooking and choosing foods.

8. Thou shalt balance our diet combinations

We need to learn how to balance our meals effectively to get the best combination that will benefit our health. Over the past decades, we over-consume protein and fat. Since the body does not store protein, the overconsumption can result in the excess amount being converted into fat.

9. Thou shalt respected time

In our busy lives, it's easy to come up with excuses as to why we can't cook certain meals, or even plan ahead for them, but we should make the time for food because as we all know, it's a huge part of our lives. Take the time to cook proper meals instead of relying on the microwave. Take the time to chew your food as it improves the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients in food. Take the time to eat, eating slowly results in less stress on the digestive system. And take time to nourish - breakfast should be eaten every day, a solid meal should be consumed at noon and then a light but rich in carbohydrates meal in the evening.

10. Thou shalt not neglect our emotions

We all feel stress at some point of the day, so it's important for us not to let that affect our eating habits as it can put pressure on our metabolic balances. Try and take five minutes before and after each meal to sit with your eyes closed, in a calm place, breathing through your nose.These commandments were devised by Dr Yann Rougier, who has worked developing the nutrition plan for Arsenal FC.