Author and guru in the field of leadership and personal development Stephen Covey said in the book “ First Things First” that the important  thing was  “ To keep the main thing the main thing”. As far as health is concerned there may be several views as to what the main thing is. However I believe at the top, as far as our physical and mental health is concerned should be proper hydration.



Water is synonymous with life; being properly hydrated improves the quality of health and consequently the quality of life in very many ways. It is essential for people of all ages.

Being properly hydrated helps.

•   Brain function - it is very important for cognitive health

•   It helps body pH balance and better blood flow

•   It is an important aid to detoxification

•   It helps digestion and bowel function

•   It is essential for joint functioning and mobility

•   It is necessary for good skin

•   It can protect the integrity of our cells.

Hydration does not solely depend on the amount of water we drink. It depends on the amount of water we absorb. The absorption of water depends to the quality of water we drink, in addition to having sufficient electrolytes in the body.

Any Fluid Will Not Do for Good Hydration

Marketing over the last number of decades has conditioned people to believe that any fluid will do to help to meet the hydration needs of the body. That is far from the case with liquids like coffee and alcoholic drinks actually being dehydrating. Not only are these fluids not meeting the hydration needs of the body, there are serious concerns that the water from our taps is also not necessarily the best for our hydration and our health.

There are many advances in terms of point of use water treatment over the last few decades. Research has not just focused on water cleanliness, which is important. New understanding of the     structuring of water has helped develop products that are beneficial for our hydration and for protecting the integrity of our cells.  Further research in terms of the antioxidant potential of good water has resulted in an increasing awareness of the role of molecular hydrogen as a natural aid to counteracting free radical damage, which is present in most degenerative disease and the ageing process.

New Advances in Research to Give You Water to Improve Your Health.

For several years Water for Health has been distributing products using special mineral crystals which have been shown to improve the structure of water and give it antioxidant properties. These have been incorporated into different water filtration products to not only give consumers clean water but water that better hydrates the body with the benefits that brings for better health

One of the simplest ways to start benefitting from this type of water is using the Biocera Filter Jug. Biocera are the leaders in this field in harnessing the power of natural minerals for improved human health.  As you will see on the Water for Health web site there are a large number of people that have expressed their satisfaction with the benefits the jug has brought them.

Leading soprano Singer Joanna Forrest has this to say of her Biocera Jug “ 

Starting to drink more healthy water is the simplest, most cost effective thing that most people could do to improve their wellbeing. Make drinking good water the main thing you do every day to support your health.


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