Art by Maudsch is a collective art store that offers beautiful paintings at unbelievable prices. If you are an art lover who loves collecting paintings from new, upcoming artists, you will be in awe of what Art by Maudsch has in store for you! From a range of abstract paintings to a vast variety of portraits, their broad collection will never fail to impress you.

Buying Piantings

Buying Piantings

Ordering paintings online may seem strange if you have not done it previously. You may have lots of questions about the drawing process, shipping, and the overall cost of the paintings. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you place your first order:

Q: Will you frame the paintings, or do I have to frame them?

A: Art by Maudsch frames each painting before shipping. You can specify the type of frame you want on the website. You can easily and directly hang the paintings once they arrive at your address.

Q: What kind of paint do the artists use?

A: All artists associated with Art by Maudsch use high-quality acrylic oil paint on cotton canvases. Acrylic oil paint lasts longer compared to other acrylic colors. Moreover, these colors have a more vibrant look on cotton canvases. These particular canvases absorb colors better and also dry relatively quickly, ensuring that the artists doesn’t take too much time to finish your painting.

Q: How much time will it take to deliver the painting?

A: It may take a month to deliver your painting from the day of placing your order. The entire painting process takes approximately three weeks. This includes the artist drawing on the canvas, coloring it, drying the paint, and then showing the images to you for your approval.

If you need any changes, don’t hesitate to send your instructions to the artist. He or she will then make the necessary changes to meet your requirements. After that, it takes another five business days to ship the order to your country.

Q: What is the return or refund policy?

A: Art by Maudsch is confident that you will love the paintings once you get your hands on them. But in case you don’t, you have the option to return them within 30 days from the date of delivery. Once you return the paintings, you have two options: you can ask for a full refund or request the artist to redo the paintings. Art by Maudsch won’t charge you a single dime if you want the artist to redo his work.


The artists are so skillful that there’s little chance you wouldn’t like their work. But, most importantly, they show the images of the paintings before framing. This allows you to give the necessary instructions if you want them to make any major or minor adjustments.


Q: Will Art by Maudsch ship to my country?


A: Art by Maudsch ships worldwide. That means it will ship the paintings to your address approximately within a month after you place your order.


Art by Maudsch is the best platform for art lovers to admire the work of so many talented artists and order their favorite paintings. Check out their entire collection, and you may be so impressed that maybe you’ll end up ordering a few inspiring paintings from talented, upcoming artists!