In 1992, relationship expert John Gray, Ph.D., introduced the concept of a “man cave” in his watershed book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. What Gray described as a metaphorical “private cave” evolved into the brick-and-mortar man cave, and the hashtag #mancave appeared circa 2008. More recently, women have coined “she shed” to define the charming lady-centric structures in their backyards. They use such sheds to separate from the household while practicing yoga, writing, crafting, art, and more — and companies like Keter are there to help them achieve their backyard utopias.

The She Shed Revolution

The She Shed Revolution

The “potting shed” has long been a standard structure in English culture, popularized by gardeners such as illustrator Beatrix Potter. In 1891, a potting shed at an English lodge inspired her to illustrate Mr. McGregor’s garden shed in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Now, 130 years later, women in London and its suburbs are discovering the privacy of a she shed (where Peter Rabbit isn’t hiding in a watering can).

Women embracing she sheds are adopting a trend that gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some women go DIY style or refurbish existing potting sheds to create these private spaces. Others order sheds from companies like Keter, the global leader in outdoor storage products.

Keter produces long-lasting, modern, multiuse sheds that can easily transform into private outdoor spaces, mainly due to features including double doors, ventilation, windows, and designs to suit your style. Keter creates various sizes of customizable resin sheds that are perfect for use as she sheds.

UK Ladies Create Private She Sheds Away From Life’s Distractions in London and the Suburbs

A recent article in The Guardian showcased women in England who have embraced backyard she sheds, among them a jewelry maker, an artist, and Charlotte Philby, the author of A Double Life and The Second Woman.

Philby repurposed an existing shed that’s now an “office” 300 feet from her Bristol, England, home, where she and her family moved from East London, about 120 miles away, in 2020. She told The Guardian, “We are in the middle of the city, but here it feels like you could be in another world. The relief, over the past few months, of having a proper working space away from the mess and the noise and the constant demands of family life has been life-changing.”

Jewelry maker Angela Benjamin told The Guardian that the she shed at her West London abode allows her to produce more jewelry.

She said, “Initially, I was making as a means of distracting myself from pandemic-related news and being on my own. However, as the months progressed, I started to get more orders via my website, so I found myself regularly making more jewelry to restock.”

Keter’s Oakland Storage Shed Makes an Amazing She Shed

Keter produces storage sheds that run the gamut in style and size. Each model is weatherproof and functional, so they handily adapt to diverse she shed uses.

For activities requiring ample space, the 11-by-7.5-foot Oakland Storage Shed is ideal. Women use she sheds for disparate reasons, and this model — one of Keter’s largest — is perfect for pursuits such as yoga, chitchatting with friends, painting, crafting, and more. Since Keter’s Oakland Storage Shed is fully paintable and drillable, it’s perfect for boundless customizations.

Windows and skylights fill Keter’s Oakland Storage Shed with natural light. Flower beds sit under the front windows to color the shed with blooms. This charming shed looks like a classic wood shed but doesn’t need to be repainted or repaired. Keter constructs its Oakland Storage Shed with innovative DuoTech material that conjures up a weathered wooden texture but resists weathering.

As with all Keter sheds, the Oakland model is incredibly durable due to its double-wall structure, tongue-and-groove construction, and steel reinforcement. For women who want a smaller she shed, the Oakland also comes in a 9-by-7.5-foot model.

Keter’s Artisan Shed is Another Excellent Option for a She Shed

While Keter’s Oakland Storage Shed is designed to look like a classic structure, the 11-by-7-foot Artisan Shed is a modern design constructed with the same quality materials. Once again, Keter’s DuoTech raises the bar on resin that looks like wood but stands up to heat, humidity, cold, and snow. Built-in UV protection prevents fading, peeling, or chipping.

As with the Oakland models, the Artisan models’ capability to be painted and drilled into means a woman can create a sanctuary to her exact specifications. A gorgeous pink or aqua color on the interior and exterior makes a chic statement for the gal who expresses herself creatively.

Since the shed allows drilling into the walls, anyone can readily hang shelving for added storage and decoration. The Artisan Shed features plenty of windows, so the she shed receives a flood of natural light. Keter’s Artisan Shed is perfect for the artist or crafter, as she can hang art on the walls in addition to shelving or cupboards to store supplies. Adding a drawing desk makes the Artisan Shed even more practical as a she shed.

Keter Creates Products That Complement a She Shed, From Raised Beds to Planters to Cocktail Bars

The she shed owner seeking a homey vibe will be enamored of Keter’s array of raised beds, planters, colorful Adirondack chairs, deck boxes, and cocktail bars. When surrounding a shed’s exterior, these extras make it come to life.

Keter’s raised garden beds will tickle any gardener’s green thumb. As cultivators know, raised beds reduce upkeep, as they remain weed-free and offer plants better drainage and warmer soil. Bonus: Keter’s raised beds are made from EvoTech, a BPA-free composite material that’s fully recyclable, as Keter is a sustainability leader in the engineered wood and resin furniture market.

Keter limits the use of virgin resources, eliminates waste, and manufactures 100% recyclable products. Keter’s chief executive officer, Alejandro Pena, explains, “We are a business driven by innovation. But we will also live by the values of being good to the environment and our communities.”

Every woman who invites friends to her she shed can crown her convivial atmosphere with the Classic Cool Bar or other Keter bars. The Classic Cool Bar is a round outdoor cocktail bar with a table that conceals a cooler with a 7.5-gallon capacity, so ice and cold drinks are always at hand. When the festivities end, the hostess can unplug the bar to drain away the melted ice.

Now that the she shed isn't going anywhere, a woman can seek items at Keter to create a little space to call her own. No matter what the use — craft room, home office, workout room, and more –— the she shed has become a peaceful retreat that’s here to stay.