As we enter into the tail end of the pandemic, we’re forced to acknowledge the seismic shift the real estate market has undergone. Gone are the days when real estate agents bragged they could “sell anything.” Once the era of rock bottom interest rates vanished, so did the easy sales for most brokers. Now those who want to succeed must rely on out of the box strategies, unrelenting work ethic, and well-honed skills.

Jere Metcalf

Jere Metcalf

For those who are looking at a dwindling balance sheet, it may seem like the only path forward is cold-calling and scripting, playing a game against the odds for new clients.  For most real estate agents, the game of acquiring new clients is not only daunting and lonely, but also takes precious time away from building the right type of relationships. 

Possibly no person knows the highs and lows of the realtor’s daily grind better than former Sotheby’s International top luxury agent turned real estate coach, Jere Metcalf. Jere’s podcast “Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It (AKA Jere Metcalf Podcast) has nearly 300 episodes featuring authentic and insightful conversations between Jere and top real estate professionals. What the great body of work put on display in her interviews shows, is that successful agents largely have not been those who have spent their time prospecting for clients behind a computer screen or crashing networking events.

BreakthroughLuxury Coaching creates success through an approach that provides real estate agents' tools and resources to create and implement a strategy to generate the clients they desire and ensure those clients are seeking them out. Jere explains that there are 10 steps and 3 essential tools that will pull you to success and your clients to you.

She says, it's about identifying the opportunities in the obstacles. Once you get clear on this, you realize the issue isn't one of scarcity but of abundance.

On Jere's podcast, many of her guests- from Mayi De La Vega to Marko Gojanovic- share the strategies and mindset that contribute to their current success. It’s not just dedicating their time and energies to their clients but how they do it. These agents, and agents in BreakthroughLuxury, avoid a lot of real estate’s most painstaking and demotivating elements, i.e. the cold call/cold email marathons and fruitless efforts.

Jere’s coaching program BreakthroughLuxury™ï¸ Coaching and Membership takes the sense of building intelligent community one step further. Membership in this step-by step coaching program not only provides realtors with a blueprint for developing new skills but it also diffuses the nagging and mistaken belief that they have to rely on anything but doing a great job by their clients to achieve success.

With such a formidable challenge alleviated, it’s no wonder why Breakthrough Luxury Coaching has become one of today’s fastest growing mentorship platforms in the luxury real estate market.